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Lavender Dreams memoryDOUGH

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By popular request— here is lavender dreams memoryDOUGH! My signature texture that everybody loves, super thick clay heavy slime, perfect for squeezing, holding, and despite being clay heavy it inflates & makes super satisfying sizzles. Scented with 100% grade lavender essential oil, super relaxing scent which makes the memoryDOUGH experience even better 🤩


Customer Reviews

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Beth Martin

not good yet

Kelly Lucas
Smells amazing and feels great

Their memory dough is such a pleasant slime with such an amazing texture. We have ordered several memory dough slimes and they are always one of our favorites.

Melanie Lynne
Lavender Dreams

No wetness in this clay heavy slime. It is very soft and buttery but has a thickness to it as well. Smells lovely like lavender

Love love love!!

The texture is fantastic, and the bubble pops are so satisfying. It inflates and deflates quickly so it fits back in the container, which is always nice. The scent is a little off, almost like shaving cream instead of lavender, but still a great slime. 4 stars because of the scent, everything else was spot on.

Best slime ever

The texture of this is amazing. Great for kids too as it’s not a sticky mess if they drop it. Good stress reliever too and smells so good!

Linda L.
Good! But a few tiny issues.

I got this slime about 2 days ago. The packaging was very nice and secure. It also looked very nice 👍🏻. The scent isn’t bad , but doesn’t smell like what it describes. The texture is amazing though, I really like it. It got a little stiff but I put some water and it really helped. It took 3 or 4 days to arrive. 9/10 would recommend! Here’s a pic and vid of it!

trypophobia Warning! 😄🦋🌸💜✨🌈🍄


Got this from learning express, smell wasn't my favorite but any butter slime from dope is 5 stars