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Key Lime Pie

Key Lime pie scented clay slime! Packaged with white clay on the top to mix in yourself, and once mixed, it turns into a super soft and inflating butter slime! Topped with a jumbo lime charm and green sprinkles!


Customer Reviews

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talia astwani
love it!

really fun to mix and i love the scent

Rachel Balsitis

I love the texture and the scent smells just like key lime pie

Rachel Balsitis

This was fun to play with and smells good

Jordan Fick
It was open and mixed together already

I got my order today and I thought it was odd that only one of the slimes still had the wrapper on it while the other two didn't. This key lime pie was one without a wrapper and it was thoroughly mixed together already, which could be from shipping (they didn't really secure it in the box very well. No bubble wrap or anything to keep is from knocking around) and the heat recently (it's been about 75 here every day) but I haven't had any issues with other slime orders I've received mixing or even getting sticky. But everybody has their own recipe and you never know. The charm was all the way at the bottom and there wasn't any separation of texture and color. It kind of seemed like it'd already been played with but I like the slime a lot and I'd prefer to give them the benefit of the doubt and say it's the heat and the missing wrapper on this and my other slime was just an oversight or perhaps it's only used with newer slimes. I will say that the other slime that wasn't wrapped was the same type as the wrapped one and was significantly dried out in comparison so if it's used, gross, but if it's not, the wrapper is definitely the way to go because the texture was noticeably better on the wrapped slime. The texture of this key lime pie slime was amazing. I'm a little sad that I wasn't able to combine everything myself but the finished texture or at least the texture that arrived, is super creamy, has great bubble pops and pokes, and the smell is pretty good. Is it the best key lime pie smell ever? No definitely not. I'd say it actually smells just like lime by itself and not key lime pie, but it's still a pretty good smell in my opinion. I'd say with the condition, overall presentation of the entire order, texture, color (which is lovely), and smell, it's a solid 3 stars. Maybe separating the pieces in different containers so they don't mix during transit would help and the smell could definitely be improved.

Scarlett Banjany
SO good

The slime smelt SO GOOD it came really sticky to the point where I needed to use the borax but it fixed it up right away

Amazing Slime!,

This is a very nice slime to play with! The color was amazing and the scent was great! when it arrived it was a bit sticky, but after a few minutes of
playing it was back to normal.

Great slime

The slime was great to play with. The smell could have been so much better. I'm not sure if it was spoiled but it didn't smell very good so I didn't play with it much. I probably won't use it again.