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Gummy Bear Prism

Beautiful fishbowl slime with a thick ultra clear base. Tons of assorted holographic glitters throughout! Super crunchy & comes with a large gummy bear charm!

Unscented.(to preserve clarity)


Customer Reviews

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Maya Vaknin

Once again, extremely impressed with this slime!!!

Maya Vaknin
Pretty great!

This slime is really relaxing, pretty and has a really cute charm! The beads don't make the slime super crunchy and crackly, but it is still a really fun slime to play with.

Was hoping for a bit more crunch

This is probably my least favorite of the slimes I bought from Dope Slimes. The scent is weak, the fishbowl beads don't really make much noise as you play with it, and the charm is way too big for my liking. It was a bit melted when I got it but once I revived it with some borax the slime itself was really nice and thick. I find myself mostly opening it to play with the pure slime settled on top of the sunken beads after it's been sitting for a little while.

So much fun

Loved the bear charm! This was so much fun to play with

Annie Brewster
I love it but..

I love this slime and the pops and crunch. What makes me sad about this slime is I didn't get the charm with it. It was one reason i loved this slime was the color contrast so that has me bummed. If it wasnt for that, this would get a 5.

So fun!

I have fallen in love with this slime! First of all the cutest sparkly resin teddy bear was inside of this clear slime with beads and small stars. Yes, it’s a little sticky… Isn’t slime supposed to be a little bit sticky? It only added to the fun. I know that if you activate this slime too much, the beads will fall out. So, I suggest you just play with it and enjoy it stickiness that comes right off your hands after you’re done playing with it. There were a couple of small stars in it that surprised me with a little bit of a poke. Does clear slime becomes shiny white slime after you play with it. Leave it to sit for a few days and it’ll be clear again. This slime is 100% win.

Gummy Bear Prism

I really enjoyed this slime! The recent reviews were a bit off putting but I still enjoyed it. My slime came bubbly most likely due to the 5 day shipping & transit. Nothing leaked. The charm is HUGE so it is hard to play with the slime if you do not remove the charm. The slime stuck to my hands a little bit but was still very dense. I loved the glitters. There were not to many sequins but some of them were scratchy on my hands. I do recommend this slime.