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Frozen Lychee Icee

Dreamy soft layered icee slime — small layer of white on the bottom & filled with deep pink color icee slime to remind you just of the fruit. Scented just like lychee & topped with a lychee charm!


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Surprisingly Great!

I took a chance on this slime, and I couldn't be happier. I'm not a huge cloud slime fan, but the smell on this one is delightful!

Grace F

This was so much fun

Haley Thompson
Love it but some fallout :(

I ended up buying two of these slimes (one for me and one for my sister) and we absolutely love it! It was out first time trying cloud slime and we love the texture, it feels like you’re playing with a cloud!
However, there was a bunch of fallout and the instant snow got all over our hands.

Dane Bailey
Good smell and texture

This slime is great for playing with. Not sticky, very thick and soft, and has a good smell. My only issue is this specific kind of slime will pill. Little white dots will build up on the surface when you play with it. I don’t mind this very much but it might bother somebody else!

Sabrina Arnce-Farmer
My absolute favorite!

I bought this for my birthday and I'm so incredibly happy with my purchase! The scent is very sweet with a slight hint of floral, and charm is incredibly cute (not pictured)! I'm a big fan of cloud and icee slimes, so the texture of this slime was perfect for me — it's smooth but is reminiscent of a cloud slime in the way that it can drizzle (it is a far finer drizzle than a typical cloud slime from my experience!) The slime mixed into a very lovely pink color. I haven't had any issues with residue or sticking!


The smell is great but every time I would play with it I would get residue on my hands, kinda looked like small pieces of white dots

Amelia Rozoff

It is so fun to play with. I love the texture so much!!