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Frosted Lemonade

this is a white glue based icee slime with some clay mixed in and the texture amazing! if frosted lemonade was in a slime form, this would be it! scented just like frosted lemonade, such a creamy, sweet, yet tangy scent that makes me crave the real thing, comes with a jumbo lemon charm on top too!

Due to supply shortages- this slime will come with a large lemon fimo instead of a charm.




Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Smells so good and love charm

I love the lemon charm. Smells so good I want to eat it. Love the texture and the color. At the end it does awesome drizzles. Recommend

Love the clay texture.

This is a great overall slime with lovely color, smell, and the texture makes it easy to play with.

Kimberly Wood
Great Icee Slime

It's really soft and smells amazing! The charm is cute but it is really big so better to take out while playing.

Lucas Maldonado

Soft and fluffy, not very stretchy but not stiff either. The scent is really nice and the charm is super cute but kind of big so it is best to remove it when playing

Lucas Maldonado
So Nice

Soft and fluffy, not very stretchy but not hard or too stiff at all. Nice scent, the charm is a little big and it is better to take it out when playing but very cute

Anna Wynia
Cloud slime

Good slime, but fallout was bad. Every single time I played with it the snow got everywhere. However, the slime smell is amazing. Also, the description said that it had clay in it, I couldn’t really feel any clay. I wasn’t a huge fan of this slime, but the other slimes I ordered were amazing. I suggest their butter slimes they are the best. And thank you dope slimes your slimes are great, just wasn’t a fan of this one.

Jullie-Beth Reid
Great Slime

Super satisfying to play with and lasts really long. It smells amazing and has the best drizzles.