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Frosted Eclipse

A winter spinoff to our customer favorite Eclipse avalanche slime! Ultra clear, thick slime topped with layers of blue, light blue, & white slime that create a stunning avalanche effect. Topped with snowflake fimos & scented like Sweet Tarts candy. mixes into a milky clear, thick textured slime!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Bree B

Loved the thick textured clear slime with added blue & white. Very satisfying to mix! The fruity smell was great and the add-in snowflakes were the cutest addition!

Frosted Eclipse

The colors and swirl are so pretty, nice smooth texture when it's all mixed. Has a nice clean smell to it.

Angela DePew
Frosted Eclipse

This was really pretty in the packaging, there was some mixing in shipping but not too much. It was really fun mixing it together. It now looks like a pretty pale blue opaque gel. I had to add activator when I got it to get it right but it is naturally really sticky. I love the scent and the color and the snowflakes in it. It's really satisfying to poke it and play with it and bury my fingers in it because it does stick a bit and it makes squeaking sounds. It's just really hard to keep it from sticking to everything. I have to keep it moving, I want to try adding lotion, but I need to find something fruity or neutral because I don't want to change the scent too much. I love it!

cheryl wing
So fun!

This slime was super fun to open and play with. It smelled delicious. My only gripe was the color faded after a few days.

Julia Brigan
Super Thick !

This slime was ultra thick. Not very stretchy at all. The avalanche did stay intact after a two week delivery (was the delivery companies fault for the long delay). It is a beautiful slime when mixing. Just be aware when buying this slime that it’s a very holdable ultra thick slime.

I loved this slime

This slime is very cool and pretty and satisfying to play with.

Rori DeBiase
My daughter loved this texture!

Great product!!!