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Thick pigmented clear slime— this is one of the most pretty slimes I’ve ever made, it hasa beautiful green blue golden shifting pigment with a light teal base. So so pretty and super clear, scented lightly of fresh water!


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million stars

i love this one!! smells good, good texture, and it’s sparkly!! very fun to poke.

Halle Combe
Good at first, but dried out

Ok, I have to admit that this slime was amazing when I first got it. It would pop and would not stick to me. It was a really awesome size. I got the 5oz. The container was fine. It was a little hard to open when the slime was stuck to it. I know that I closed the container every time. I would check twice if I did. For some reason one time when I went to find it, it was obviously dried up.

Lucas Maldonado
So Pretty

So beautiful, the pictures and videos really don't do it justice. Very nice almost putty like texture, not sticky or stiff at all. Really love it

Geoff (actually a girl)

So I was going to look at Fiji and I clicked the little eye button on the side and I looked at product type and it said cloud slime and I don’t really want a slime that has two different textures. (Except for s’mores campfire 😀😀)

Amber K.
Get this slime!!

Get this slime! It’s definitely one of my top favorites. The texture is squishy and jiggly while still making great snaps and pops. It’s easy to hold and play with and is very satisfying! The color is stunning and reminds me of the crystal clear ocean in Mexico. I love watching how it shines and shimmers in the light. The scent is very light, fresh and airy. Nothing strong or too much, super subtle and one that someone who dislikes scents would definitely be able to tolerate. I LOVE having a non - food scent and this is a great option when you’re wanting something that smells pretty without being overpowering or making you hungry. I highly recommend this slime! It’s in my top 3 favorite Dopeslimes for sure! I can’t wait to get more that shimmer and shine like this and have subtle non - food related themes/scents!

SS Coolj

Love this one so much!

Pics don’t do justice

I love the subtle shimmer in this one, it’s beautiful