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Cupids Cheesecake

fall in LOVE with this newest cheesecake themed slime— limited time for valentine’s day! this slime starts with a layer of packed snow fizz crust, then filled with a soft cloud crème slime & topped with a layer of color shifting pink clear slime + a heat charm and sprinkles! scented just like strawberry cheesecake & it’s amazing! mixes into a soft, unique texture!



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lindsey Cortvriendt

It did arrive a bit melted, but I followed directions with the borax that was provided and it is amazing. The smell is delicious and the feel of the slime is beyond. VERY HAPPY WITH MY PURCHASE!! Definitely will purchase more.

Evelyn Castora
Love it

My favorite slime from this shop. It smells amazing is super stretchy and is fun to mix. I would definitely recommend

Alisha Minter
Definitely a favorite!

Wow! This slime smells AMAZING and is so much fun to play with!!! The kids have an absolute blast with this one and loved all the layers to it as well!

Ron Walter

Great smelling slime

Best Smelling Slime Ever!

We have tons of DopeSlimes and by far, this is the best smelling one ever! It’s sweet and unique, we love it! Smells good enough to eat! Also, we love the consistency of this slime.

britneyann saenz
Love this slime

The slime's texture is very interesting and fun. It really feels like playing with a cheesecake and smells really good. Smells like cheesecake with a hint of the heart valentine day charms. Super fun and really worth the price.