Cotton Candy Ice-Cream

soft cloud dough ice cream slime, super buttery and soft texture swirled with pink and blue neon clear slimeđŸ€€ smells just like the name and rolled + topped with cotton candy clay chunks.



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Stacie Bosch
Pros and Cons

I highly anticipated this slime and unfortunately was disappointed once it arrived. The scent was out of this world and I LOVED the colors/look
however it was much tougher than I expected and was not easy (or enjoyable) to work/play with. I even tried to soften the slime, but it never has that wonderful feel that my other 20+ Dope Slims have all had.

Katie List
Awesome all around!

All I can say is that the smell, texture, just everything is awesome about this one!

Gina Csaszar
Love this one

The colors are amazing! It smells just like cotton candy and it’s very soft with some texture from the sprinkles! I love it

Mary and Ryan Granito
Great slime!

I totally recommend this slime! its so fun to play with and so fun to mix! it turns into this light lavender color! it smells like the classic ice cream scent! great stretches and just overall an amazing slime! love this slime! đŸ€©

Carly Edwards
Fun to mix

This slime smells nice and it super fun to mix up. I however wish it did retain some of those bright colors after mixing, but that's not a super big deal.


I love this slime so much and it smells just like the name when you mix in all the blue and pink into the white base it makes a lavender color.

Dara Parisi

This mixes into such a pretty lavender and smells soooo good. I got the Peeps mashup memory dough slime too and they have the same scent. Sugary marshmallow! Smooth, stretchy, and pillowy. Definitely will keep buying my slimes from this shop. Really nicely packaged too.