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Cookies N' Scream

Black / White cloud crème/dough slime, ultra soft & dense clay heavy dough textured slime! Smells exactly like Oreo ice-cream and it’s so soft and holdable, swirled on the top & topped with my cookies n cream sprinkle mix and the cutest Ghost Charms! Slime will either come with a black or white ghost charm at random.



Customer Reviews

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Gavin Laufer

Hi Dope Slimes, I love all your slimes but I did not get a chance to get this one is there a way it can be restocked even thought it is Halloween themed? I would really appreciate it

Bree B
Spooktacularly Fun!

Love this Halloween slime! The two different textures blend beautifully, and the smell is just like cookies & cream! There was pretty sprinkles & even a cute ghost charm!

Amazing but I didn’t know it was a butter slime mixed with a snow slime

At first I was excited because I thought this was a butter slime but when I got it it was a butter slime mixed with a snow slime I noticed this because it has a little white stuff and it feels kind of wet but I love it and it’s An amazing slime. Worth the money and it smells amazing

Jessica Makowski
So soft!

Loved this slime; the texture was so soft, I tried not to mix the colors right away but it was impossible. Completely addicting! Loved the cookies in it as well!

kyla cutten
Its not my fave

I got this hoping to have an amazing soft butter slime, but i was really underwhelmed. It only came with 1 charm even though i got the 8oz, and the texture was super dry and tough. I also got next to no sprinkles. Overall i didnt really love it. The smell is great though.

Ghasem Zamani

Wasn’t worth the money spent.The directions were hard to understand it read like you add the water and activator to the slime so we ended up wasting over half the slime.


It has a perfect soft texture, an amazing smell, and everything about it is great! Only thing bad was that it didn’t come with the ghost charms, but otherwise, one of my favorites!