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Cookies & Cream Ice-Cream Cake

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a new fav! a tri layered slime; the top and bottom layers are an ultra soft ice-cream slime rolled in black clay chunks & the middle is a packed back snow fizz! makes a super unique and addicting texture once mixed, super fluffy when stretched, and dense + dough like when squished😍 scented just like oreo cake!✨

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Customer Reviews

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Valerie R.
I own 3 of these!

You might say "why 3 of these?" The reason is that my students are in love with this one. I have one for myself and I keep the other 2 in my classroom. Students who finish their work early and do well can choose a slime to play with. Everyone around them benefits from the smell, and that student gets a boost to their joy by playing with it!

Jade Harrison

The scent is amazing! As far as texture goes this is one of my new favorites; I love the feel of this one. I also like the gray it goes to after it's mixed. Would recommend!

Manuela Yamamoto

Cookies & Cream Ice-Cream Cake

Chanelle McCool

The smell on this one is epic! Mixing it all together was a really fun process. I like the texture of this one a lot.

Frances Rivenbark
Milk's Favorite Slime

Smells just like Oreos and the texture makes it feel like there's cookies crumbs in it. Super fun!

Grant Balsitis
one of my favorites

This is probably my favorite slime because it smells the best

Jeanne Hough
Great slime

Smells like cookies n cream, delivers on texture. The mixing was fun and my 8 year old daughter loves playing with it. No complaints about it being too tough.