Confetti Cupcake Fizz

butter slime & snow fizz make such an addicting texture and this slime hits differentūüėć packed snow fizz paired with ultra smooth butter slime‚ÄĒ so fun to mix w/ 2 different types of birthday sprinkles! scented just like vanilla birthday cake



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first dope slime purchase!

love this, the texture is great but i bought it in store so i didnt get any of the extras + activator. i rlly like this texture except i wish i got it more crunchy/fizzy! the packaging was so cute tho! overall, 8/10!

Ehhh not bad but not my fav

Out of the 10 slimes I bought this was my least favorite. I tried following the instructions on how to soften it out but mine ended up not very soft and playable. The scent is really nice and sweet.

Confetti cupcake fizz

My friend got it for me for my birthday and I live it but it's not as stress reliving as I would like it to be.

Neat Texture

A really fun and unique texture, the little sprinkles on top are so cute! Only complaint is that it is a pretty firm slime and needs a little work to play with (not overactivated though!). Mild sizzles, more fun to play with for texture rather than ASMR.

edit: added a bit of white glue and the texture is PERFECT. really love this slime, highly recommend.

Waylon Dishman
Confetti cupcake fizz

I love the butter and fizz combos. They always create such a unique texture and the sprinkles were a perfect touch! The cake slimes always smell so amazing!

Good at first but..

When I got this slime it was so fun to mix and play with. I loved it! When it started to get hard, I added lotion like the instructions said and all of the fake snow stuff started falling out. It left little crystal shaving everywhere! I then added some butter slime to help bind it together and all of the crunchynes was gone! Idk maybe my fault but still.

Jessica Garcia

This was one of 4 I got It smells good came nicely packaged shipping was fast. Once all mixed it has a cool texture my 2nd favorite thus far still trying all of them