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Coconut Fuzz

Go coconuts for this white glue based ultra fizzy & crunchy snow fizz slime! Simple yet amazing snow fizz texture that will remind you just of tropical coconuts! Scented just like coconut water and inflates a ton + gets super sizzley! 



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Amber K.
Snow Fizz is a must try!!

This was the first snow fizz slime in my family’s collection and it’s so cool!! This is a very hard one to describe but I’d say imagine if the inside of a coconut chocolate was made into a slime, this would be it! There are crunchy, hard, fizzy bits in this that almost remind me of like sugar or sand, but they’re a little shimmery when the light hits it just right. The abound this slime makes is unlike anything I’ve ever heard from slime before almost a sizzly, fuzzy sound. It’s so cool! This coconut scent is beautiful, it reminds me of a beach vacation. It’s not overpowering, just enough smell that you know what you’re smelling. Even though it appears to have a lot of extra bits in this slime, there’s never been any residue left in anyones hands. This slime does need some play time to warm up in your hands to get to the maximum stretchiness. We love this slime and have so many but everyone enjoys this different texture. We definitely want more snow fizz slimes and recommend everyone (from beginners to experts) get at least one snow fizz slime to try out! It’s just super interesting, different and satisfying!

Amy B

The sizzle is AMAZING and I love the realistic coconut smell. I feel like the smell is starting to fade but I might just be smelling it too much lol


awesome coconut scent! super sizzly

Coconut Bliss!!!!!👏👏👏👏

I only wish I had ordered the largest size. I’m not used to fizz slime- it was totally new to me. I LOVE IT. the longer you play with it the stretchier it becomes. The aroma makes me want to take a bite!!!!

Find out

I want it allllll