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Circus Animal Frosting

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2 toned ultra soft and inflating butter slime topped with the cutest rainbow sprinkles! Super smooth and spreadable texture that you can play with all day! Smells amazing and gets super sizzley when inflated!

Smells just like the real this! (Animal crackers with buttercream frosting!)


Customer Reviews

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Bree B
10/10 slime

Smells just like the cookies & frosting! A beautiful white and pink swirled butter slime with cute sprinkles.

Cali D
Great Addition

I'm a sucker for frosted animal cookies, so I had to have this! I do think it smells heavier on the side of the Buttercream (very similar to my Birthday Cake slime) but I'm not mad at it. I love the smell and the pink color it turns into after mixing makes me think of the frosted cookies.

Their butter slimes have a fabulous consistency and texture. I love pulling them apart and folding them together again. I do wish there were a little bit more of the 'sprinkles' for texture, but like most things, it will be different preferences for different people.

I wish I bought the larger size.


this slime is the perfect amount of scent i have had it since the summer and it still smells and feels as i got it yesterday 10/10 recommended!

Sara Crystal
Amazing slime

Probably one of the best slimes I’ve had. The texture is quite great and the smell is incredible. Definitely worth the purchase.

Soft and fluffy

The kiddos loved this one. Fun to mix, smells great, not sticky and plenty of little sprinkles.

Kiara Cortes
So soft

This slime comes in an unmixed white and pink slime duo and once you mix it it turns into this nice soft pink. I love how this slime feels like marshmallows and smells exactly like a creamy frosting.

Tina Hill
Amazing scent

Smells amazing! So soft and perfect