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Circus Animal Frosting

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2 toned ultra soft and inflating butter slime topped with the cutest rainbow sprinkles! Super smooth and spreadable texture that you can play with all day! Smells amazing and gets super sizzley when inflated!

Smells just like the real this! (Animal crackers with buttercream frosting!)



Customer Reviews

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Circus Animal Frosting (8oz size)

This slime smells amazing! This slime also has a very holdable texture and it’s such a creamy and inflating butter slime. I would highly recommend this slime!

Cedric Poon

Best butter slime ever!

amazing oml

This slime smelled so FREKAING good the texture is amazing but when I got it it was so sticky I made the borax and hot water mix that was on the note card and it worked I used to drops from a Syringe and it was perfect I recommend it it came mixed but I don’t mind :) 1000/10

Britney Branch

This is my absolute favorite slime that I have ever EVER bought! I don’t know what it is exactly that makes it so great but I’ll try to explain. First of all, 2+ toned slimes in my opinion are far superior to all other slimes because watching the multiple colors mixing together is really hypnotizing and fascinating. It is very therapeutic. And secondly, the thing that I think makes this specific slime so special are the little bead mix ins. I had no idea how much I would love them but I freaking LOVE them! I think it’s the size, they are slightly bigger than many other slime beads and I think bigger beads are more fun in slime and these are so smooth that it just feels good in your hands. I have had a lot of beaded slimes in the past but this one tops all of them! Love this! I hope you keep this one around because I will buy again in the future! Also everything was packaged perfectly and came with little extras like candy, borax, a care card, a discount code for future purchases, and of course the cute little charms for the slimes that came with a charm. I have zero complaints! 10/10! Thank you <3

Leah Radack
Very nice!

So this came an TINY bit mixed but not too much so it was still fun to mix in!! the scent was indeed amazing but it was VERY similar to birthday cake batter. So if you want to get this one go ahead and get it because it is amazing but dont get birthday cake batter with this one if you care about the smell. But I still really love this slime because it sizzles sooo well! :)

Lisa Floyd

This was so much fun to play with best slime ever

Jaimie Kibbee

Love, love, LOVE this slime! Has the best texture and smells freaking AMAZING! A must have for sure!