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Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream

This realistic textured slime smells just like fresh baked cinnamon rolls and frosting. It comes with a 2oz of our thick and glossy frosting that you can use to top your very own cinnamon rolls.

Customer Reviews

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So Yummy Smelling

LOVE this scent! It's not too strong a scent, just right for cinnamon rolls with sweet frosting. Once mixed it remains super inflated and so soft and stretchy. LOVE. I was too excited to play with it that I forgot to take a picture of any of the slimes I purchased :(

April B.
I had fun

DIY type slimes are always fun to put together & mix

Didn’t like the scent but fun

This slime was fun to mix together & looks amazing. I wish the smell was more of a sweet cinnamon. It smelled like hot tamales candies. Which I’m not a big fan of that smell. Overall great diy slime just didn’t enjoy the smell.

Elena Shi
Looks amazing!!

I love how it looks and hope to get it soon!

Cassandra Metzler
HEAVENLY Scent!!!!

This scent is my new favorite! It smells like freshly baked cinnamon rolls with a hint of creamy butter. It is so flippin delicious! I wish I could just leave this slime container open to smell it all the time. It was also very fun putting the frosting slime on top the mini cinnamon rolls I created. The end texture is extremely soft, creamy, and smooth and really nice to relax with.