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Christmas Tree microDOUGH

 Our microDOUGH exclusive texture has been a hit so we had to create one for the holidays! Bright, vibrant Christmas green color filled with micro foam beads that give it a unique, mesmerizing feeling that you wont be able to put down. Scented strongly just like a fresh evergreen Christmas Tree & topped with mini rainbow pearls and Xmas Tree jumbo fimos!

🎄name ideas for this new slime? i’ve been mixing up new slimes for our next restock✨ this one smells so good🤤

♬ Infinity - Jaymes Young

Customer Reviews

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Isabella J Miller

All I smell is tree. Its everywhere. Good. But oh my gosh its Christmas tree

Peppermint yum

Great smell , great texture ,love it

Amber K.
Love the smell, the popping beads not so much!

First the good, the scent, holy cow, you close your eyes and thing of Christmas and this is the scent that comes to mind. It literally reminds me of Christmas as a child. The the quintessential Christmas scent. 5 stars for capturing the smell of Christmas so accurately. Slime texture is a little strange. It’s cold and wet feeling, very soft, even with the foam beads and colorful hard, plastic beads. The look of the slime instantly makes me think of a Christmas tree, green tree with colorful ornaments, but as you play with the slime those colorful beads pop out like crazy! The wet feeling does leave a little residue on playing surfaces and hands, so this is one slime that is only allowed to be played with at the table. Unfortunately because of the cold wet feeling and the strange residue, it’s not a favorite slime. We have tons of Dopeslime and this one is never taught over or reached for first. I hope next Christmas they try this slime again, same scent and concert, just a different slime texture that will hold the foam and plastic bits better, while still reminding me so intensely of childhood christmases around the tree.

Katherine Collins
One of my top 5!

My favorite scent. It is heavingly. The texture is perfect -- but it is a wetter feel, so make sure you like that.

Maureen.jeanne Rosar
Better then therapy

Smooth texture the grandkids love the slime helps then relax and be creative

Chris Johnson

This is my favorite smile I’ve ever purchased. The pine scent is great and the texture is out of this world. The micro flaps beads give it great structure. The drizzles are amazing. 10/10

Smells great

This slime has a great winter Christmas tree smell. The texture is nice but it can get a little wet feeling. It's very soft and satisfying.