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Carrot Cake Ice-Cream Cake

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Carrot Cake ice cream is an Easter twist on our super popular slime, Cookies and cream ice cream cake. Its scented just like the real dessert. It's an ice cream texture with a snow fizz layered in between two sections rolled in carrot fimos.
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Customer Reviews

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Not great

This slime was the only slime I ordered that I didn't like. It smelled bad and had a strong scent. The texture was like a mix of a snow fizz slime and a butter slime and it wasn't my favorite. Not bad but not great.

(All the other slimes I ordered were amazing!!!)

Lauren Tate
The texture

I love the texture it's so nice like it was very soft and I love the little carrots it was so cute but one bad think it was a little Rippy

Amy & Liv
Not awesome

I have 6 DopeSlimes, all amazing except for this one! It hardened and shrunk after lotion. I like the scent and mini carrots though.

Lauren Pauls
Love this!

This is my second favorite of the slimes I got. It smells just like carrot cake and feels AMAZING. Like a cloud cream with just a bit of snow fizz scratchiness-- it's awesome. I could play with it for hours. If you don't like spicy scents, this one might not be for you, though.


This slime is pretty good but it was a little tough. I love the scent but it might be a little strong for me at least

Texture 🤌🤌

First of all, this smells EXACTLY like carrot cake. The slime becomes this incredibly soft yet sizzly experience as you mix the layers together. This was a huge hit with my step son particularly (even though I ordered it for myself lol).

Katie List
Very unique!

This is one of my new favorites! The texture is great and the smell is amazing! A great mixture of sweet and a little bit of spice!