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Caramel Swirl Sundae

super realistic ice cream texture (cloud dough) swirled with clear caramel drizzle slime! super soft and scented just like caramel icecream🤤 it smells delicious and it’s so fun to mix and makes a light beige color once mixed! great slime for beginners as well since the base is super clay like and not sticky.

Customer Reviews

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mmmmmmm soft and smells good mmmmmmmm

Jimmy King
Great slime!❤️

It was an amazing slime! With a great ice cream texture, and a great scent!❤️❤️

Amina D
I love this slime!

I have never had a slime this good! everything is perfect, from the scent to the texture. I love this cross between cloud dough and butter.

Keira Spiers
this slime was a nice surprise!!😁

i thought that it would be a memory dough type of slime, but it was not quite like that, it has a snowy texture that i loved, and it smells SOO good!! i got a 8oz and it’s really good!! No complaints except that the stretch isn’t as good, if you would like a more stretchy slime i would recommend thick and glossy slimes, or memory dough. But i would definitely still give this slime a 5/5 star review!! go get it! ☺️

Liz S
I love it

I received this slime as a mystery slime and I love it so much. It has the perfect ice cream texture and appearance, if you just look at it without touching it you would totally think it's ice cream. I love playing with this slime, it's so soft and creamy, and smells amazing. When I was trying to figure out what slime I had received I originally thought it was going to be a caramel coffee of some sort, because that's what it smells like to me, but when I found this listing it made perfect sense. This is a wonderful slime for anyone who loves soft slimes

Tina Valleau
Great product!

super thick and creamy with a light scent


smells so good so fun to mix together