Bubble Bath

super clear light blue slime! ultra thick, smooth clear slime texture, great for pokes & bubble-popping! topped with duck charm(s) and clear bubble beads to represent the bubbles, such a fun slimeūüź•¬†

8oz comes with two duck charms, and 5oz comes with one



Customer Reviews

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Gets REALLY Stinky

We had to throw out this slime just because it got VERY VERY stinky. For some reason, it smelt like old trash.

Sam Voelker
Amazing slime and customer service! The beads are on the way!

I ordered this slime and when it arrived it didn’t have any bubbles I still enjoyed playing with it and it really has AMAZING POPS!! I reached out to customer service and they instantly sent me bubble beads!

I know some comments are really hating on them for not getting them but think they sink and don’t always stay mixed. Just reach out to them because this is a slime you don’t want to pass by!

Jeremy Vichniac

I love the slime but it came with no ‚Äúbubbles‚ÄĚ or fishbowl beads. The slime feels good but I got no beads


I honestly expected more from this slime. In the video it clearly shows many clear beads in this slime, however, I only got about 7, and I don't think that it was just me who had this problem. The texture is nice, just like expected. It is pretty stiff after a few days, so just be aware of that. If you want to preserve your slime better, I recommend that you only play with your slime for about 15 minutes, give it a break, 15 minutes, give it break, and so on. This is so the slime does not get overworked and will not get stiff as fast. Obviously this is like, water, so it is unscented for those who don't love scents. It does have a faint smell of glue though (obvi). The duck charms are absolutely adorable though. I got three of them and is obsessed with how they look. Overall, it's a pretty good slime.

I bought this and it smelt just like coffee. Would recommend it’s not sticky.
Pretty good

Honestly, this slime was good. The only problem I had was that it was not as stretchy as it makes it out to be. I love it and will play with it but it’s definitely not as stretchy.

Annie Cleary Malpede
Such a cute slime

Finally a bubble bath slime that doesn’t smell toxic! It’s a lot of fun to play with and the little duckies are adorable!

Bethany hand
Good slime

Great slime but gives a weird texture and color after a while. Like mold. But still fun.