Blueberry Lemon Donut DIY

Mix your own blueberry lemon donut slime!

This kit comes with an 8oz yellow thick slime scented blueberry lemon donut (& trust me, the scent is amazing!!) , a handmade clay donut, 2oz of blueberry glaze jelly slime (scented blueberries), & 3 fake blueberries!😍

the mixed result is too good, it’s kind of like a light clay slime but it still inflates and gets super poofy and smells amazing!

GREAT value! Only $14.99 and will yield approx 16oz of butter slime once mixed!

32 oz container

Customer Reviews

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super cute

smells great too

Karen S
Smells amazing

Really good smell lacking a little bit of strech but overall a pretty good slime!!!!!!!!👍👍👍


I got this one for my step daughter and she absolutely loved it!! She had a lot of fun mixing the donut in with the original slime!

Favorite slime so far!

I've ordered a bunch of stuff from Dope Slimes (almost on a biweekly basis I get something new) and I have to say this one is my favorite so far!

It is super satisfying getting to put the slime on the donut and mix it all up yourself. And the scent is SO GOOD. It smells good enough to eat! Which, of course, I won't, but that's how amazing this smells.

The only problem I had was once I mixed everything, it became twice the size it originally was and wouldn't fit back into the container. So I ended up having to put it all into a Rubbermaid airtight container. Other than that I absolutely love this slime! So soft and SUPER inflatable!

kayla goad
Just one thing

I got the Slime it's a beautiful slime it smells amazing and mixing it is completely satisfying and fun it feels like a butter slime and it inflates beautily

My only one concern is when I received the Slime and went to open it all the yellow base was completely melted and I had to spend a good while to activate it to where it was able to be handled so I could mix it. Maybe the jar I got just happened to be sitting on the shelf too long and it wasn't double-check before it was packaged up I don't know. I can only request that they just double check everything before they send it off especially if it's a product that could have been sitting for a while.

Smell so good!

I love this DYI Slime. It smell so good. I think it smells like a blueberry pancake!


It's cute, my slime needed to be majorly activated though. As a first time buyer who bought I don't know, 8 different things in one go, it would've been nice to get a small bottle of activator