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Blue Hawaiian

duo colored bingsu slime that you can mix together! topped with the sprinkle mix shown! scented a blend of blue hawaiian (super tropical vibes) with a hint of gummy bears and it’s a super sweet, mouthwatering scent! super thick base and the end color is soo pretty especially with the different colored beads & inflates a ton!


Customer Reviews

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Great scent but a super thin slime

Really nice scent, super pineapple forward. My slime came almost completely mixed which I kind of expected, so it was basically green when it got here. It was totally melted and I’ve had to activate it three times and it’s still really thin and sticky. It’s not packed with bingsu beads like the picture shows, it’s maybe 1/3 beads and just a lot of loose slime. It’s not awful but more beads would definitely make for a better crunch.


I never know what to get out of these slimes, this one was at first very nice, it smelled amazing, and had great crunches, but then after a few day id say about 5 days, it became super wimpy and not stiff, I couldn’t swirl it and the scent became foul, I wouldn’t really recommend this one

Not My Favorite

This slime arrived pretty sticky. After adding activator it was a little better but I didn't want to chance over activating it. It was already completely mixed to an emerald green color when I got it but I guess that almost always happens with bingsu slimes. Almost makes you wonder what the point of trying to make it two different colors is. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Anyway it does have a nice crunch to it and an ok stretch without too many beads coming out. The scent wasn't my favorite on this one. Couldn't tell exactly what it's supposed to smell like but it smelled like chemicals and was a bit strong.

Doesn't last long..

When I first got this slime, I loved it! I thought it smelled nice and was SO crunchy, but after about 3/4 days the slime was starting to feel like it was as stretchy and crunchy, and it got to a point where I couldn't really stretch it anymore, it wasn’t that it was stiff it was that it was too thin jf that makes any sense

So crunchy!

The slime came mostly mixed due to shipping, but that's alright. The crunches are literally endless! Could play with it for ever!

Tycie Ritchey
Scent is great

It is still like a little sticky even after adding solution.


The slime mixed during shipping but its ok. It is quite sticky i had to reactivate it. But i do like the texture and the scent for this one.