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Blizzard Swirl

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New duo colored butter slime Scented just like blueberry marshmallow, ultra soft and spreadable & inflates a ton! topped with super cute snowflake fimos slices & a glittery snowflake charm! scented a blend of blueberry batter scents with sweet marshmallow to make a delicious smell😍❄️


Customer Reviews

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Charlotte Janes

I love the texture of the slime, charms are super cute. the blueberry is a little strong scenting, but love the slime

Amazing slime!!

Again I love everything about this slime!! I think the only thing I would change is adding more of the little snowflakes!! Other than that perfect!!

Bella Nomez
It’s nice…BUT

The slime texture was super good and buttery and I just took it out and played with it when I got it, it didn’t need any fixing at all! And yes, it also came in two colors for me to mix, witch o thought as great BUT THE SCENT IS HORRIBLE it is way to strong and your can smell it from a mile away! It almost gave me a headache 🤮l but otherwise very good slime.

Erin Jones
Really great

My slime came mixed which is okay but still wish I could have mixed it myself the reason I gave it 4 stars is because my snowflake charm was broken the scent almost smells like a trix yogurt cup which I love the texture is amazing definitely reccomend

Gayla Strandell
Another different texture

This one is fun and i can play with it and stretch for hours. It inflates which is good until you go to put it away. Adding a extra small jar would help to put the extra in. It takes forever to fit back in jar so it ends up drying and having to toss some of it out. Also the smell was great.

Not great

This slime was soooooooooooo amazing. I had gotten it as a Christmas present, and once I started playing with it, I couldn't put it down! SOOO satisfying. Although, after 3 days, the slime was hardening, and was not fun. It inflated a little, so I had to put it in two containers. I spent 10$ on this, and it completely wasted my money. I am not even using it anymore, so what's the point? I have it in my closet and it's not fun anymore, so I hope other expiriences with slime can be less disappointing. Even though in the video it looks cool, I don't recommend it. 4/10. If you want to waste your money, go ahead. Don't say I didn't warn you.

New favorite!!

My two girls (and their cousins) love this slime! They’ve played with it for hours since we purchased and I don’t see them getting tired of it anytime soon. It does expand A LOT so I wish it came in a bigger container. We purchased this and three other slimes and have been happy with all of them!