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Black Slime - Rich Butter Texture

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Our black slime with a rich, buttery texture is super dense, spreadable, and sizzley with a beautiful rich black color. Scented like cinnamon sugar donuts!


Customer Reviews

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Can't get enough.

So the scent to me doesn't smell like Cinnamon Sugar Donuts, it smells like Red Hots or Big Red Gum which is absolutely okay with me because I LOVE spicy cinnamon smell. The texture is so smooth and wonderful. Left a little residue on my hands, but not a huge deal since you're supposed to wash your hands after playing with slime anyway.

Great stuff

The slime is amazing my daughter knows her quality slime and this was top notch she said.

I'm in love

It's my favorite texture (smooth & buttery), amazing smell, and black (like my soul 🖤🤘). The only way it could get any better is if it came in a 5 gallon bucket!


south an amazing slime i love it so much so buttery

Strange Reaction

When I first got this slime it was a little sticky and left a little residue, but I thought it was just from shipping and needed to be activated. I added some of the borax solution and although it did make the stickiness go away, it created a ton of little lumps in the slime. A ton. The hard lumps would no go away with water and I thought it'd be better not to add more borax, so I just left it as is. I've never had a slime do this when activated before and as it is a smooth butter slime, the abundance of lumps are quite annoying. I'm not sure if I messed up somewhere or if it's a common problem, but besides that I thought the slime was stunning and smelled amazing!