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Black Slime - Rich Butter Texture

Our black slime with a rich, buttery texture is super dense, spreadable, and sizzley with a beautiful rich black color. Scented like cinnamon sugar donuts!


Customer Reviews

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Laura Munoz

Thank you so much

Analiese Troie
Favorite slime

This was one of my favorite ones because it is so clay heavy and it’s so spreadable. The sent also smelled really good. I literally cannot stop playing with the slime.

It's really nice

It's a really nice slime and good for anxiety and stress. It did get a little bit stiff because I didn't put the lid on right but I fixed it by mixing in a little bit of water and now it's like new again ✨

Liz S
Can't put it down

I bought this slime because how can I not? It's black! My favorite color and my daughter's too. The color is so rich, it doesn't stain my hands, it's incredibly smooth and soft, and the cinnamon smell is to die for. I love that the scent lingers because my house already smells like cinnamon, it's one of my favorite scents. There's nothing to dislike about this slime, it's amazing

Kelly McCool
Can't get enough.

So the scent to me doesn't smell like Cinnamon Sugar Donuts, it smells like Red Hots or Big Red Gum which is absolutely okay with me because I LOVE spicy cinnamon smell. The texture is so smooth and wonderful. Left a little residue on my hands, but not a huge deal since you're supposed to wash your hands after playing with slime anyway.

John Robinson
Great stuff

The slime is amazing my daughter knows her quality slime and this was top notch she said.

I'm in love

It's my favorite texture (smooth & buttery), amazing smell, and black (like my soul 🖤🤘). The only way it could get any better is if it came in a 5 gallon bucket!