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Black Slime - Rich Butter Texture

Our black slime with a rich, buttery texture is super dense, spreadable, and sizzley with a beautiful rich black color. Scented like cinnamon sugar donuts!


Customer Reviews

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This smells so much of cinnamon it should be a sin


It was great when I first got it but over the course of 1 week the slime quickly became dark grey and shrunk in size by half. Recently I had to put of water to get it back to a softer state, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to continuously do this in the future because it dries quite quickly.

Mary Jane Marie
Mixed emotions

Okay I want to start of by saying I loved this slime! The color scent and texture were all absolutely to die for and I was ready to buy more (only didn't because it was out of stock by the time I went back online) but it's already shrank to less than half its size and it's gotten much harder so quickly, feels like a hard foam block when I get it out of the container. I have been using small amounts of lotion or water that typically soften it back up for a while of play but the next time I go for the black butter it's hard again. I really really really loved this one as it came I just wish it lasted, wondering if I did something wrong?

Rowan reese
pretty amazing!!

it was a very very good butter slime, the smell wasn’t overbearing and the consistency was perfect and super stretchy and soft. Only thing it did leave a little residue on my hands when you play with it.

Black butter slime

This slime is really goo in fact it’s so good I ordered more from this store 10/10 love it

Laura Munoz

Thank you so much

Analiese Troie
Favorite slime

This was one of my favorite ones because it is so clay heavy and it’s so spreadable. The sent also smelled really good. I literally cannot stop playing with the slime.