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Bestseller Slime Multi-pack Kit Version 2.0

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Great for anybody wanting to try out our slime at one great price!

What’s in the multipack:

•x1 5oz Mint Cream Thick & Glossy Slime!

•x1 5oz Lavender Dreams memoryDOUGH® Butter Slime!

•x1 5oz Strawberry Banana Cloud Slime!

•x1 5oz Dragon-fruit Refresher Clear Fishbowl Slime!



Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Sarah P

My daughter wanted these and she loves them. Smells great. They dont stick all over house. Definitely ordering more

Erica Whitesock
Good selection of slimes

My 9 year old daughter received this and enjoyed each of the slimes. The dragon fruit refresher was her favorite out of the 4. She was a little disappointed in the size, ( they are all 5 ounces). It would be nice to have the variety pack in the bigger size.

Tatum Roberts
Good slimes!

The lavender dreams slime is absolutely amazing however , the mango dragon fruit refresher was very sticky so ofcourse i added borax but that did nothing except for make it hard and clumpy and the strawberry banana slime is good at first but after a day or two it gets hard but only a little bit. Other then that the slimes are AMAZING 8/10 rate

Toni Ann Mattia

My daughter loved this pack and enjoyed that they were all different textures

Kaitlyn Robinson
Overall great purchase!

My fishbowl slime came in waaaaaay sticky. Like bad sticky. Quite a bit of activator later I have something I can play with but with a lot of fallout.
Cloud slime - amazing. Thick, stringy, smells amazing.
Memory dough slime is my favorite texture-wise but doesn't quite smell like lavender. More like shaving cream.
Love the mint glossy slime. Perfect texture and smell.

AWSOME 😃👍👍👍👍

The slime was soft and great it was nice to play with ! The mango dragon fruit was sticky but gladly the slime package came with borax! And a slime care sheet. The slimes were perfect size! I will be ordering from here again

Natasha Bell

Being in the UK I found it so hard to find a decent slime shop that would ship to me, these came really quickly and I was able to track the whole way. The slimes themselves are a beautiful mix of textures and the smells are delicious