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Arctic Spearmint

bingsu bead slime with such a pretty color and the base is so thick yet stretchy, smells just like cool spearmint— same scent we use in spearmint memoryDOUGH and it’s smells so nice, inflates a ton and the asmr once you inflate it is crazy!



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Holly Fischer
Love it

I got a 2.5 oz size from the sample pack. The scent is not super strong. It's a light scent. Good crunchy sounds.

Amber K.
Awesome sick day slime

Ok so I know this is going to sound strange, but this scent is amazing and my family has found takes away nausea. Anytime someone is feeling nauseated we pull out this slime. The crunchy, asmr sounds are satisfying and distracting. The playing distracts from the fact that you’re not feeling well and that scent is like the magic cure for calming the body and unsettled stomach. This slime is super fun for anytime especially for fans of crunchy bingsu slimes, and it is very calming and relaxing for any day/time, but on days where someone is feeling gross, this is like our secret slime medicine and helps 8/10 times. Our human senses and the power of different aromas are simply magical. I REALLY hope to get other slimes with this scent because it is so magical. I will warn that this texture of slime is slightly sticky just because of the nature of this type of slime, to hold all those beads in, so make sure you have activator handy in case it gets too sticky/uncomfortable to play with. It might not be the best for a slime beginner, but I’ve found with my little kids, as long as I only give them a small amount at a time (a gum ball sized amount) they’re able to manage it pretty well and practice their technique with the harder handle slimes before grabbing a huge amount or the whole container.


A little overactivated but not bad, the mint is pleasant not at all overpowering

Carly Edwards
Love bingsu slimes

This has a nice scent, very much like a sweet mint smell. It's crackly and full of that asmr goodness wo look for in a bingsu slime. Very fun.

Pam Suther
Arctic Spearmint

Absolutely amazing I love the scent, color and the beads. (reviewed by my ten year old granddaughter)

Rachel Roberts

Arctic Spearmint


Ok so this slime was not how the video makes it look. in real life it is pretty hard to stretch and very sticky. I may have just gotten a bad batch though.