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Aloe Vera GELly

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thick clear jelly! such a pretty color and the texture is amazing. i made this more of a clear jelly to look just like actual aloe vera gel and it looks so realistic: clear jelly’s have such an amazing texture— scented aloe vera and it’s such a refreshing + relaxing scent!


Customer Reviews

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Casie Palmisano
Perfect scent and bubble pops!

I was worried it was going to have a wet sticky feeling to it but I’m happy I bought it as it’s a great slime! The smell is refreshing and spot on along with the texture. The bubble pops are really fun!

Shari Owens

When my daughter ordered this slime I wasn’t sure why she picked Aloe Vera, but she loved it. It has a nice gummy texture and nice smell. She had an issue with it becoming sticky after making too many bubbles. After she got it back in the container and played later, the stickiness had gone away.

Zebulyne L.
Strong scent but great texture.

The scent was really overwhelming and off-putting at first, but I've had it for a couple weeks now and it isn't so strong anymore. The texture is amazing.

cassi mast
dear melanie wails

aloe vera is a plant. it's supposed to smell like that

Melanie Wells
Good Slime

I love the color and texture but the smell is a little weird. It smells like a plant but not bad.


I love the texture and fell. Its really gummy and delightful. I dont love the smell but its not bad or deterring at all.

no lol
Very sticky

This was so sticky but I got to fix it, got everywhere but I just handed to add shaving cream. Since it was very sticky I lost half of the slime