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Aloe Vera GELly

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thick clear jelly! such a pretty color and the texture is amazing. i made this more of a clear jelly to look just like actual aloe vera gel and it looks so realistic: clear jelly’s have such an amazing texture— scented aloe vera and it’s such a refreshing + relaxing scent!


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Frances Rivenbark

Get it?.. it's like "aloha" but aloe?... Anyway, jokes aside, it's like a vacation for my senses. Smooth stretchy texture, spa-like scent. Honestly, I kinda want to rub it all over my face. I won't. That would probably mess it up and borax shouldn't go anywhere near eyes... But still... It's tempting. 🤭😉

Jayashree Muthuswamy
Really good slime!

This slimes texture was really amazing, kind of feels like a jiggly slime but it's super thick! When it arrived, my package came with a baggie of borax, a slime care sheet, and a sour patch candy. When I first played with this slime, it was a clear green jelly slime, and looked just like the pictures. After playing with the slime for about 10 minutes, it became cloudy and bubbly, but even then the slime was a gorgeous lime green color. This slime is thick and had great clicks and bubble pops. The scent is amazing, I wouldn't say it smelled like Aloe Vera, but it definitely was refreshing and had an outdoors-y kind of smell. Overall, I give this slime 5/5 stars and would definitely recommend buying

Vida Campos
Very nice and well priced!

The texture And smell was great! 10/10 would by again :) but my only complaint for this order was that there was white fallout when I was playing with the rainbow sherbet and the mystery slime but other than that everything was fine and I loved it :D

Ashley Washington

I really liked the sent. It's refreshing and wasn't too overwhelming. This gelly inflates and stretches so much. I love the pops. And the color is awesome!

Aloe Vera Jelly

When I bought this slime, I trusted the company and their description of this slime’s scent. I am far from sensitive when it comes to scents, however, I don’t see how anyone could ever bear this odor. In Dope Slime’s words, Aloe Vera Jelly is scented like “ aloe vera and is such a refreshing + relaxing scent!”. As someone who has smelled fresh aloe vera and experienced the scent, I can tell you this; THIS SLIME’S SCENT DOES NOT RESEMBLE ALOE VERA GEL AT AL WHATSOEVER AND NOR DOES IT HAVE A REFRESHING AND RELAXING SCENT. After I played with this slime on the kitchen counter, it stunk up the room to the point where I had to sit there and scrub away at my counter for 40+ minutes before the scent remotely faded. Yes, I do have to say, the texture is very nice and non-sticky, however with a scent like that, I couldn’t pay less attention to it due to the unbearable NON-RELAXING AND NON-REFRESHING odor. My husband prompted for me to throw the slime out since it stunk that bad and even opening it would give him a headache, making buying this product a waste of both my money, time and, a lot of plastic.

Please email us and we will get you a replacement sent out ASAP!

Elijah Urias


Angie Sterling

It’s very stretchy. Not wet but it takes forever to get clear once you play with it. Smelt good