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Mystery Slime Texture Sampler Pack

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Looking for an affordable way to experience a large variety of unique slime textures? This pack is perfect for any slime novice who is searching for their favorite slime texture.

This pack includes eight unique textured 2.5oz sample size slimes for a total of 20oz of slime:

  • Random 2.5oz Butter Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Cloud Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Thick Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Jelly Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Bingsu Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Floam Slime
  • Random 2.5oz memoryDOUGH® Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Ice-cream Slime

The slimes included in the kit will be 8 slimes at random, that we currently sell on our store. All slime will be scented. This is a great option for anyone trying to explore the world of slime. Note the box pictured is our mailing box. If you order multiple packs it will come in a single larger box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 473 reviews
Great Product, Just Some very Strong Scents

Got this as my first real dive into the slime world to get a feel of what I'd like best. Out of 8 jars I landed on really enjoying 4. For the price of around $60 it is a gamble on what you will or won't enjoy in this batch. The issue I ran into with this is one or two of the slimes had VERY strong smells, almost like a cleaning product. And while some people may like that, I feel for a sampler pack strong scents can be a bit of a pipe bomb while people are trying to test them to their liking. Ended up giving those few away due to them being so strong. The rest that I didn't enjoy just fell down to a texture I didn't like and that doesn't fall on the shop at all.

Other than the strong smell the product is as described and even came with little treats <3

I like the slimes

Many of the scents are too strong for me. Overall I like the slimes. This is the first time I've bought slimes and they were fun and easy to play with. The bingsu slime required activation but the rest were perfect for me right out of the box. If the memory dough and the icecream were supposed to come in layers, they were already mixed by the time I got them. I don't mind that.

ainsley crean
Great samples

I loved this sample kit and want to buy another!

Very cool

The slimes were the perfect size! Came with so many cool textures!

Megan Bergstrom
Great slime!

My kids love this slime. It smells good and is high quality.

Sierra G.
Love this!

I’m just getting started with trying out slimes, so I figured I would order a sampler pack to try out all the textures, and I’m glad that I did! I’ve had fun playing with all the different kinds. The only downside I would say is that as it is a random selection, you might get repeats of scents or just scents that you don’t enjoy (my pack came with two or three with what I’m guessing is cucumber or melon scent). But I knew that was a possibility with the nature of the product, so I can’t honestly lower my rating because of that. I also had an error in my pack and got a repeat texture while missing another, and I got a response from them the next day after I emailed them, and they sent me a slime with the texture I was missing. Overall I’m really glad I chose to buy from this site!

Christine S.
Lots of fun!

I love this slime variety pack. Lots of fun colors, smells and textures. A treat for all the senses.