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Dopeslimes Bestseller Slime Multipack Kit!

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Great for anybody wanting to try out our slime at one great price!

What’s in the multipack:

•x1 5oz Cherry Bomb Butter Slime!

•x1 5oz Birthday Ice Cream Butter Slime!

•x1 5oz Cotton Candy Cloud Slime!

•x1 5oz Fruity O’s Floam Slime!

Customer Reviews

Based on 430 reviews
Makenzie Allison
The best of the best

Such great textures and scents!

Nice but not worth $47

These were the first slimes I ever bought and I'm TOTALLY hooked on them. That being said, I only liked 2 out of the 4, and because of that, it's not worth the $47 total after tax and shipping.

Cherry Bomb: my favorite. The texture is smooth, soft, and stretchy and I can see why Dope Slimes is known for their butter slimes. The cherry scent is very strong and I liked that, but others may find it very artificial.

Ice cream: my second favorite! It was pretty stiff at first but it warmed up in my hands and felt more like cherry bomb after playing with it for a while. I love the feeling of the sprinkles in the butter slime. It has a slight vanilla scent but also smells like glue, which is why it wasn't tied for #1.

Cotton candy: the cloud slime is super fun because of the way it stretches, but this smells like glue and leaves residue all over my hands. Will throw it out.

Fruity O's: this was a tragedy. It was my favorite scent of the bunch and smells exactly like Fruit Loops! Unfortunately it was so liquid-y that when I took it out of the jar, it melted all over my hands, onto my lap, and onto my couch, causing a bit of a disaster. I wish I had read the reviews because a lot of people mentioned this issue.

Overall, 2 of them are fantastic and not messy. I could see myself purchasing Dope Slimes again, I just need to do more research and read the reviews next time.

Favorite slime EVER!

I love every single slime I picked out, including the best seller pack! The cherry bomb one wasn't on my list but it came in the pack, so I just got it... And it is my all time favorite slime. The scent is amazing and the texture is perfection!!! I can't wait to order more!

Camilla Joy VanZant
Dope slim upgrade promo misleading and disappointing

The multi pack kit arrived in a timely manner. However, I used the multi pack kit upgrade. The upgrade is disappointing because it says increase the size of your order. You might think from the description that you are getting additional slimes. However, you are not. All you get is an increase from a 5 ounce to an 8 ounce, which is not doubling the size of your order. So disappointing, I guess I should’ve read it closer. I won’t make that mistake again.

Tasha Munoz
Best Slime Ever!

My daughters love this slime! It’s soft, smells good, and it’s easy to clean up! This is the only slime I’ll buy!

Sarah Miller

Smells sooo good my kid is in love with her slime!!! Best Christmas gift!!!!

Wanda Colon
The best

My granddaughter loved it and said they were the best slime ever