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Slime Texture Sampler Pack

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Looking for an affordable way to experience a large variety of unique slime textures? This pack is perfect for any slime novice who is searching for their favorite slime texture.

This pack includes eight unique textured 2.5oz sample size slimes for a total of 20oz of slime:

  • Random 2.5oz Butter Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Cloud Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Thick Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Jelly Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Bingsu Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Floam Slime
  • Random 2.5oz memoryDOUGH® Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Ice-cream Slime

The slimes included in the kit will be 8 slimes at random, that we currently sell on our store. All slime will be scented. This is a great option for anyone trying to explore the world of slime. Note the box pictured is our mailing box. If you order multiple packs it will come in a single larger box.

Customer Reviews

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The sampler pack was perfect for me. I actually really like the smaller size - it's convenient for taking on the go for my ADHD brain. I also loved being able to try out all of the textures to see which ones were my favorites before committing to a bigger size. Highly recommend!

hannah burnstein
great for indecisive people

it’s great to be able to sample the textures. my only wish is that they also labeled the name of the slime not just the texture

Slime texture sampler pack

So this pack the first time I had it was amazing but then overtime the smells got worse and they started melting first the Bingsu smell was fine at first but then it got really bad smell

so I couldn’t even play with it. I had to throw it away next to Alevera jelly slime that one melted and had the same smell is a Bingsu rotten and burnt, it was so melted not even activator can fix it so I had to throw it away then for the Memorydough slime I think it was the rose, petal one. It smells more like strawberries to me, but the slime is good. The butter slime was Tiffany’s frosting and that one was the only amazing one. I loved it the floam smelt like alcohol , but it was good, but it was way too sticky to play with it at first had to put a lot of activator in it. The thick glossy slime was so sticky. I couldn’t even get it off my hands for 10 minutes activator fixed it , but it was melted every single day so I had to keep putting activator in it. The cloud slime had a great smell and was pretty nice, so I guess that one was great too. The ice cream slime had a great smell and was fun so overall about four out of eight of them we’re good, one had a rotten burnt smell one was melted and one was super sticky. So it was half and half. I’m only giving us a four-star because on the first day everything was great. At least I got to experience the textures and had a lot of fun with them for the first week or so if I did not this would be a one star now that it’s been a while. The slimes are not good anymore, except for four of them the four that I did get that are good or amazing but before that I did get that are bad I did not like I guess you could consider the second glossy one one that I like now because I had activator do it, but it was still so sticky. I couldn’t even get it off my hands for 10 minutes on the first time I love dopeslimes, but the four ones that are not good here they got bad quick.

Danny Cragg
Wonderful slimes... until they dried out.

I LOVED my slime sampler pack, it was an absolute pleasure playing with them all and feeling out which ones i liked the best (cloud, floam, and memorydough <3) but... despite my sealing them up every time I was done with them, within two weeks they were NOT the same consistency. most of them dried out to hard rubber balls, which was extremely disappointing. I don't remember ever having this problem with slimes before, so I can only imagine it must have been an issue with the containers they came in. :(

Great while it lasted, but gone too soon. RIP.

mary k
Excellent Slime

This set of Dopeslime was a gift for my Grand Daughter who is 10.
This was something she wanted.
This is very high quality slime. My
Grand daughter & friends who have
Tried her set with her agree, best they have used.
This comes nicely boxed. Looks much different that average brands. Much more like a craft. Beautiful colors. Wide amount of choices & gift cards of course.
Very happy with this purchase, highly recommend.

Nicole Pisano
Not Happy

Way too sticky, added some activator and still unusable! Very disappointed, will not be ordering again.

Sarah T
Daughter loves it

My daughter wanted to try this brand of slime but could not make a decision on what to choose. This is a great variety pack and she is happy with all her slime.