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Dopeslimes Bestseller Slime Multipack Kit!

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Great for anybody wanting to try out our slime at one great price!

What’s in the multipack:

•x1 5oz Cherry Bomb Butter Slime!

•x1 5oz Birthday Ice Cream Butter Slime!

•x1 5oz Cotton Candy Cloud Slime!

•x1 5oz Fruity O’s Floam Slime!

Customer Reviews

Based on 366 reviews
Lisa Byland
Great Stuff!

I adore all these slimes! The textures and scents are wonderful, and playing with them is very relaxing.

Samantha Mitchell
These are awesome!!

This is my first time buying slime, let alone feeling it. I have been watching videos on slime for awhile now and couldn’t resist! This bundle was an instant buy and it did not disappoint. They all smell so good and I didn’t even need any additional activator to get the best experience out of it. Thank you!

Great Slimes

Daughter loves these. All the smells were pretty good. The cherry bomb smell was fantastic however first touching it we got red coloring on your hands. Not sure if this will eventually disappear. I feel like these are kind of pricey but looking through the site all the scents and add ins look really fun. We will likely be ordering more.

What an assortment!

My daughter will be so thrilled to open this box of slime. The variety is great, and I like that she can try out the different textures and smells with a sampler box.

Natalie Jacoby

Not for the money

Angelica Mercado
Fun stuff!!

I really like the cherry bomb and birthday cake type slime very stretchy and smell awesome. The cotton candy is fun too. Daughter who is an advanced 3 yr old not a fan its too stringy and wet for her. But they are all fun slimes over any kind of goopy slimes. Would recommend to anyone looking for slime varieties.

Roxana Badeaux