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Lychee Jelly Boba

our FIRST ever jelly cube slime -
this slime starts with a silky smooth, ultra thick yet stretchy clear base filled with boba pearls and jelly cube sponges. They give it such a unique, squishy texture and they make the best asmr too! Scented just like sweet lychee and topped with a lychee charm + comes with a boba straw.



Customer Reviews

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Alexander Medina
Nice and a lil bad

It was a pretty cool nice slime it smelled amazing but it didn’t come with as much jelly cubes as I thought like the picture but it was still pretty cool I’m in love with it’chc

Stephanie French-Fountain
Jelly boba

Cutest slime ever! Really good quality. Smells cute as well. My 9yr old loves it! ❤

Eva Benincasa
So cute

This slime smells so good it has the most cutest Boba beads and has jelly cubes and has a charm. I definitely recommend this slime!

Bree B
Great smelling messy fun!

This smelled JUST incredible! And the color with boba and sponge cubes were amazing. This was purchased at Learning Express and was way too sticky. After the video I added activator (from a previous online purchase) and the texture improved a lot! I guess when you order from the store you don't get the straw and there's a different charm. I thought my charm was cute though. :)

It's Great!

Got this for my 12 year old daughter and she loves it. She uses it as a fidget when anxious or doing homework to help her focus, and also uses it other times too. She loves the color and the texture.


My 10 year old has made and bought a lot of slime over the past few years because it's her favorite toy to play with. Without a doubt, slime from Dope Slimes is the best, with great scents, cute and fun mix ins and great textures. It's nice they include a packet of borax powder that you mix with tap water whenever your slime gets a bit sticky. Their slime can be somewhat pricey but I think the quality of the product makes it well worth it.

Lilly Ortiz
Best smelling slime ever!

Satisfying texture & coolest squish-ability. Smells so awesome.