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Birthday Cake Ice Cream Slime

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Our birthday cake slime is super spreadable and thick! It's butter slime, so it's great to hold and stretch. We've topped it with rainbow faux sprinkles to add a pop of color. Buttercream Cupcake and Vanilla scented!


Customer Reviews

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Pam Suther
Birthday cake ice cream slime

Perfect butter slime. It's super soft, the scent is so realistic to vanilla cake batter. It was a tiny bit stiff because it was cold, but once it warmed up it was absolutely perfect. (reviewed by my ten year old granddaughter)

Bree B
Yummy & Fun

Yummy! Smells like vanilla birthday cake! And looks like it too! A richly textured simple white butter slime with beautiful sprinkle add-ins. One of my first slimes and still love it!

sam rachuba
so good

smells literally delectable and the texture is so nice and smooth

Did not last over a week

It was amazing for a couple days, but after 6 days the sprinkles didn't stay in and started to get hard to stretch. Now it is not playable because of how hard it is.

Emma Hughes
My favorite slime

I love this slime I just wish it didn’t deflate.

nicole rosario
Amazing Slime!

This is the perfect slime for the winter! It came ready to play with even though it’s very cold outside right now! All my other slimes arrived a little stiff because of the cold but this butter slime came in perfectly. I love how light and airy it is! It’s very stretchy and doesn’t stick to you at all which makes it the perfect travel slime! It smells a little more like a light vanilla yogurt to me but I really enjoy it!

April Edwards Elliott

Birthday Cake Ice Cream Slime