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Frozen Pink Drink

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This icee slime is a super soft, inflating texture - i’m obsessed with! Not super wet like most icees, this texture is just SO addicting! Has a slight color change when sitting & looks + smells exactly like a pink drink from Starbucks & topped with jumbo strawberry fimos!

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Customer Reviews

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first icee slime

first time trying a slime like this, i wasnt expecting to like it but the texture is really satisfying!!

Anna Z
By Far Most Amazing Slime

This reduces my anxiety and helps with stress. By far my favorite texture!

✨ L.H.✨.

Being a long time dopeslimes customer, and a fan of pink drinks, I was super excited for this slime. It smelled good, looked super cute, ur the texture just felt like a wet cloud slime, didn’t inflate or give any more sizzles than a regular cloud slime, I love this slime, but I was really excited for it to look and feel like it did in the video.

Erin B.
Cloud Rain

The only way I can describe how satisfying this is is using the made up term, "Cloud Rain!" When you pull it apart The strands form with pillows slime falling by gravity! The smell is not the best.

Crystal Desrosiers
Love it!

My 9 year old daughter absolutely loves it! She is all about details, from the packaging to the product, she was thrilled!

For the pink drink lover

Super cool slime. Great texture and awesome scent. My 9 year old loves the pink drink and this slime!

Frances Rivenbark
A little wet but super satisfying

It's got a pretty wet feel but it's not sticky and very a nice light strawberry scent. Not too sweet but very refreshing to play with.