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Cotton Candy Frost

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a dreamy soft duo colored icee slime🤩 scented just like cotton candy too & topped with themed cloud fimo slices! mixes into a super pretty pastel purple and the texture is so good— icee slime has quickly became one of our favorite & bestselling texture!✨

Customer Reviews

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Serena Griffin
The best!

Mixed into a beautiful color. Great texture. And smells amazing!!!

sara Abdrabboh

I didn't receive it its taking sooo long

Blakeley S
I Can’t

OMG! This slime I can’t even describe it. It’s so amazing it’s so smooth it has the perfect texture it starts out as a blue and pink and then it turns into this beautiful lavender purple color. And it’s just so pretty and it smells just like cotton candy I love the cotton candy charms in it but there is a lot of fallout but I just LOVE the drizzle this highly recommended by this now it’s so worth it thousand in Finity out of 10!!

Love it

This slime is so fun. I loved mixing the two colors on and after it became a very pretty light purple. I loved the texture. The scent hits different though. It just smells amazing. Go buy it is worth it!

Bree B
Cotton Candy Fun!

This was such a great slime visually! It went from a beautiful blue and pink to a soft purple. SOOO Cool and had pretty fimo clouds! I also loved the smell! Who doesn't love cotton candy?!


This is such a great icee slime! First off, the drizzle is soooo satisfying to watch! (It also sizzles really nice) Secondly, it mixes into this nice almost periwinkle blue/pastel purple kind of color! It’s soooo beautiful! Lastly, I absolutely adore the little cloud/cotton candy fimo slices!!! 5/5 for me <3

The best i bought

I am in absolute love😍 its smells amazing perfect texture and when mixed turns a pastel lavender its gorgeous