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Slime Texture Sampler Pack

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Looking for an affordable way to experience a large variety of unique slime textures? This pack is perfect for any slime novice who is searching for their favorite slime texture.

This pack includes eight unique textured 2.5oz sample size slimes for a total of 20oz of slime:

  • Random 2.5oz Butter Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Cloud Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Thick Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Jelly Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Bingsu Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Floam Slime
  • Random 2.5oz memoryDOUGH® Slime
  • Random 2.5oz Ice-cream Slime

The slimes included in the kit will be 8 slimes at random, that we currently sell on our store. All slime will be scented. This is a great option for anyone trying to explore the world of slime. Note the box pictured is our mailing box. If you order multiple packs it will come in a single larger box.

Customer Reviews

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So I really like the size of the slimes and how each slime where available in a bigger size in shop but I wish they labeled it like for example if you got like Patrick’s gummy for thick slime it only says thick slime not the name. Anyways the floam slime was a bit sticky and when I activated it lost some of the banana smell and it also was not that stretchy, and the bingsu slime was not really stretchy like more of a putty it was stiff, the jelly slime was really nice it had amazing bubble pops and stretches and the smell was just like original bubble gum, the thick slime was a boba slime but it was too thick and that made it not stretchy, the memory dough slime is okay it was not very stretchy but smelled good, the butter slime was nice it smelled like lemon and felt nice, the cloud slime I think was supposed to be there cotton candy cloud slime but it was a lot darker then the cotton candy slime and it smelt like playdoh in a really wierd way, ice cream slime was nice and I loved mixing it it was fun! Honestly I recommend still because it was really fun and I might have just gotten a bad batch! Great for starters! 7.5/10


Great for anyone who hasn't experienced the different texture.

Tesla Morales

I am brand new to the slime world, and with having no experience or idea as to what textures I would like the sampler pack was the right move. The scents were great, the colors didnt mix during shipping (for the dual colored slime I got) and it helped me discover which textures worked best for me. I do wish that the samplers had the name of the larger version, but it is super easy to figure out which ones I received by going to the site and looking at the specific textures.

Faith Schnarr
Loved all the different slime textures!

In the last couple years I've been curious about slime, but never knew which ones I would like w/out prior knowledge, so getting this was a must for a novice like me. And it was totally worth it and will for sure buy more very soon!

Kristin Coonce

My daughter and I love the slimes! Will definitely be buying more.

Taryn Rosenberg
So much slime

My son loves this stuff! The smells are wonderful

Cecilia Vista
It was OK

I loved the slime package other than the fact the slime didn’t have the name of the slime that was inside the container. The slime was labeled with the type of slime but I would love to see the name of the slime in case I fell in love, I could buy more of that specific scent & texture, etc. I also received a free 5oz slime & the larger slime had nothing on it about the type or name which was slightly disappointing. I LOVED the slime in the 5oz container!! It was red & green scented like peppermint.