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Bestseller Slime Multi-pack Kit Version 2.0

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Great for anybody wanting to try out our slime at one great price!

What’s in the multipack:

•x1 5oz Mint Cream Thick & Glossy Slime!

•x1 5oz Lavender Dreams memoryDOUGH® Butter Slime!

•x1 5oz Strawberry Banana Cloud Slime!

•x1 5oz Dragon-fruit Refresher Clear Fishbowl Slime!



Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
AWSOME 😃👍👍👍👍

The slime was soft and great it was nice to play with ! The mango dragon fruit was sticky but gladly the slime package came with borax! And a slime care sheet. The slimes were perfect size! I will be ordering from here again

Natasha Bell

Being in the UK I found it so hard to find a decent slime shop that would ship to me, these came really quickly and I was able to track the whole way. The slimes themselves are a beautiful mix of textures and the smells are delicious

raysha rasyid
best slime ever

hi all these slimes are scented so well and they are so fun to play with

Taryn Hamlyn

Always very happy with their slimes - unique textures and great scents that aren't sickly or overpowering. I find their cloud slimes are a little bit wet and leave a lot of residue, but the other textures are top tier - very worth the money and always packaged professionally.

Hannah Weakland

This was my first ever slime purchase and I love it! The Mint Cream came a little melted but borax was provided and it was an easy fix. My favorite is the Lavender Dreams I’m obsessed with the texture! Will definitely buy from here again


The slimes were great! My favorite was the strawberry banana slime. it smelled soooooo good. It
also came in just 5 days which is so great. The Dragonfruit refresher slime was great at first and then all of the beads started falling out and got super sticky. I had to redo the slime too. That was my only problem. The slimes came so well packaged and will definitely buy from Dopeslimes again!😁

Ella Benatti

This slime pack is so awesome it arrived right on time and all the slimes were in such great condition well except for the cloud slime it was wet-ish and had a lots of residue on your hands but I mixed it with the mango dragon fruit refresher slime because mine was really stiff and all the beads fell off but when I mixed the cloud slime and the clear slime together it made this wonderful cloud cream and the lavender dream slime was buttery and just wonderful and the mint cream was minty and creamy it was so thick so glossy and I just couldn’t put it down I will always order from dumps lines in the future thank you!