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Mango Dragonfruit Refresher

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Thick and holdable fishbowl slime made after my favorite drink! Magenta colored fishbowl beads and black glitters throughout!

Unscented to preserve clarity.



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Ashlee Hansen
Loved it!

Had a great texture! Not sticky like a lot of slimes!

Julie Osorio
The best

I love how this feels

Needs adjustments but loved

I'm going to start by saying that I live in a cold climate and my slime was subject to below freezing temps overnight prior to receiving my items. Im not sure if this is what affected the consistency of this slime or not. And this is my first fishbowl slime.
This slime has been relentlessly sticky. I've had to use activator every time I've played with it just for it to be handleable. 2 of the other slimes in my order were quite sticky but have seemed to balance out better upon adding activator the first time or two of playing but not this one.
I however, i have found it most useful to let this slime sepperate and remove most of the jelly part to make a denser fishbowl consistency. In my opinion this slime could definitely accept more beads without fallout and be an even better slime.
After removing the excess jelly part though this slime makes awesome bubble pops, it's crunchy and is a really fun slime, I love it. I just wish it were better streight out of the jar.
I plan to buy a 2nd 8oz so I can remove 1/2 of the jelly and just combine all the fishbowl beads to end up with 8oz of total ideal consistency slime. What ill do with the 8oz of clear jelly slime: maybe ill experiment with making my own.
Last, the smell, it is unscented, as described to preserve clarity, which it is super clear but after stretching it becomes cloudy but there is a smell, its probably the glue base but it doesn't stink and is actually pleasant: it doesn't have any kind of chemical smell.
I also like that the fishbowl beads chosen are red/pink and look just like a dragonfruit and the stretched out jelly slime turns white and has little black speks that make it look reminiscent of a dragonfruit. Its a cute concept.
I'm giving this a 4/5 stars just because the benefit of the doubt with the temperature possabily affecting it but I would otherwise be giving a 3/5. It definitely has the potental to be amazing. This one just isn't quite up to the otherwise high standards from the brand. Add more fishbowls and this would be right there with the rest! <3

Kayla Gao
I loved it!

It was very thick and crunchy! The little beads had little to none fallout, and it was a little bit stiff but you can fix that by leaving out in the sun or adding shampoo :)
You You


When I first got my slime it was stick and a hot mess. When I added the smallest amount of activator that it came with it became unstretchable, hard, and tough. Do not recommend.

Slime Master Ashap
Not impressed at all

Received the product. Although it’s called Mango Dragonfruit Refresher it doesn’t smell of anything. Just glue.

The slime was so over activated that it’s impossible to use for at least a month.

What a waste of money. I was really looking forward to receiving the product and it was a HUGE disappointment.

I’ll think twice before purchasing from Dope Slimes again - especially when there are so many other slime companies out there.

Lucy Roberts

I adore this slime the beads don’t fall out and the jelly texture in it is wonderful.