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Mango Dragonfruit Refresher

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Thick and holdable fishbowl slime made after the Starbucks drink! Magenta colored fishbowl beads and black glitters throughout!

Unscented to preserve clarity.


Customer Reviews

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Very fun

This slime is very cute. So clear and pretty! It is so stretchy and fun. This definitely reminds me of the drink from Starbucks!🙌

I bought this slime it was great but after awhile it dried up

It was a very nice texture but it hardened up after a couple weeks

I did not like

This slime was ok after day two it was no good turned white and it was hard to play with it was falling apart

Ria Carrigan
Mango Dragonfruit Refresher

This slime is super stretchy really nice I like it it's super pretty and it's not overly sticky, it's not super tough, I really liked it. what I didn't like is that after like 5 minutes of me playing with it, it turned white, which is expected, but like it doesn't go away like I let it sit for multiple days, but it stays white, which I don't like. I also find it a bit hard to play with, when I stretch it out, It kind of falls apart in between my hands which is annoying since their beads. I think that maybe if there were fewer beads and more slimes it might be better since that overflow of beads makes it heavier when I pull it apart and I'm not a slime expert this was just my experience but overall super good.

Bree B
Absolute Fun!

This was so fun with the thick clear gel mixed with orbeez-like add-ins. LOVED the bubbles and pops from this slime. It was a little sticky so added a little borax but honestly didn't mind the mess. This was FUN to play with! Only thing missing was a smell.

Rebecca McMahon

The texture is so nice and crunchy and the sound is 1000/10. Would recommend this slime to anyone.

Jennifer Bell
Best crackling pops!!

I wasnt sure I would like this one, but the fishbowl slime concept intrigued me. It is so fun to play with and i love how it crackles!!! So satisfying!