Peanut Butter Cake

This slime is a peanut butter lovers dream!😍 This hybrid textured slimes starts with brown snow fizz on the bottom then layered with a swirled orange & yellow soft butter slime! Mixes into an addicting cake-like unique texture you won’t be able to put down & scented just like the name (a delicious PB & cake scent blend!)


Customer Reviews

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SUPER satisfying!

The slime has a unique texture that is super satisfying to play with. It’s smells absolutely delicious. NO REGRETS!!

It’s pretty nice

So, the slime was very fun to mix in because the yellow and orange butter slime mixed into a snow fizz slime made a cool texture,
the slime had a peanut buttery scent, but I think it could be improved quite a bit, like a more peanut butter scent!
Also after I mixed it all together it became a bit stiff, like it took quite a bit of arm strength, personally I like my slimes to be very easy to stretch but also very holdable and that holds up. But I would not really recommend if your like me, but if you like the texture it’s amazing!

No words, just slime...

I love the combined texture reminds me of when I was a kid and used to smash cake and frosting together. And I love the smell!

Katie List

The crunchy texture and smell are amazing!

Good quality i think

I have never had Butter slime so this was a new texture for me. Good quality but i didn't expect the beads at the bottom that mixes into the slime and i hated the texture after that (it didn't change the original Slime besides beady feel obviously) i'm neurodivergent with sensory issues so it freaked me out a bit but i think it's amazing for the price. I will be buying a different textured slime. Tracking the package wasn't difficult and shipping was quick. Good shop!


I love the texture of this slime; it is supper easy to inflate. Not a big fan of the scent, however. To me it smells more like burnt peanut butter. Still a really nice slime though.

First slime opened from package

I don’t normally go for dessert scents unless they’re fruity even though I love the way PB smells but it was on sale and it was a 2 texture slime. I love this slime though. Scent is just right! I’ve never had a bad slime from D0PE Slimes though, never had any issues with them. Prices, slimes, shipping, website, EVERYTHING IS ON POINT! ❀