Grape Frose

duo colored snow fizz slime! ultra neon purple and white swirled + topped with purple clay chunks and jumbo fimo slices! scented like grape with a hint of berry, it’s so good and sweet😍 plus the texture is so inflating and sizzley!


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Grape Frose

It was soooooo sizzly and the color popped!

Cassie Campbell
Lovely scent

I absolutely love the scent and the slime

Abby Montgomery
POP !!

This has so much crunch!! I didn't know this type of slime existed!!! the smell is amazing!!

So sizzley but super sticky!

This slime was ok. I didn't expect to like the scent but it actually smells so good. Most artificial grape scents remind me of children's medicine and I don't like it but this actually smells like grape soda and smells delicious. This slime arrived pretty sticky so I tried adding activator a little at a time but it just continued to be pretty sticky, and I didn't want to chance over activating it because it started to feel more stiff. It left quite a bit of sticky residue on my hands and the table top. This was my first time buying a snow fizz texture from dopeslimes so I'm not sure if this texture is always this sticky or not. I've never experienced another one of his slimes remaining sticky even after adding activator. It was very sizzley though and great for the ASMR aspect of it. It wasn't super stretchy but I don't know if that's from adding too much activator or not. I would like to try another one of his snow fizz slime in the future and hope it's better than this one.


It genuinely felt like a freezee with the perfect amount of grape to it

SO YUMMY! Too bad it’s not edible.

I love this grape scent so much that I’ve ordered it twice. It smells just like a grape soda
 Fizz and all.

Scent is okay

I love the texture and inflation of this slime but the scent is very strong. It’s not the best grape scent, I love grape everything and wasn’t in love with this. The slime itself is great but I prefer different grape scents over this one