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Cherry Limeade

Beautiful bright red snow fizz (crunchy icee) slime! Very crunchy & sizzley! Scented just like the name!

Comes with a cherry charm and a lime charm (pictures)


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Emma Watts
Mystery Slime?

I want to say I received this slime as a mystery slime in my package, as it smells JUST LIKE cherry limeade. It must have been older since there was a fair amount of fallout, but after adding some activator it was good as new, but not for a cloud slime... more of a Butter/Cloud Slime. It has the thickness of a butter slime, but the consistency of cloud slime. I love it though!

Amelia Gane
Not a review

If the slime is sticky dilute 1 teaspoon of borax with 1 cup of warm/hot water. Add a tiny bit to the slime and keep adding it until the slime is no longer sticky.
If there is any borax left over you can keep it in a bottle with a lid and label it borax so no one accidentally drinks it.

Thank you


Very sticky


Smells incredible, it is spot on. The only thing I would say negative on this is that's its sticky a bit. Nothing that can't be fixed. I really appreciate that they send a packet of borax with every shipment.

Alicia Accapezzato

It’s sooooo sticky . It’s a great smell and color but it’s not playable. If I can’t figure out what to mix in, I’m going have to toss it


So I love the theme of this slime. The color is bright and doesn't leave any dye on your hands. The charms are a super cute touch. The texture of this one was hard to enjoy because it was just too sticky. I tried adding activator a couple times but I just could not get this one to be less sticky. It stuck to my hands and table. From what I could tell this slime is pretty sizzley and has a nice crunch to it. It was hard to stretch because it would just stick to my fingers. The scent is artificial but still a pleasant one. I think this slime has a lot of potential if only it were a bit less sticky.

Sticky Situation

Very bold, bright color. Charms are very cute. Smells like laundry detergent tho, and also a little stick, but overall a very wonderful slime.