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Rose Petal memoryDOUGH®

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new memoryDOUGH slime! My exclusive and one of my bestselling texture, this is a brand new memoryDOUGH slime— ultra soft yet dense and keeps its shape but gets super poofy and sizzley when inflated! Scented just like freshly cut roses and has the prettiest light pastel pink color😍


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If it were possible...

I'd make a bed for myself of this and sleep in a cloud of the softest rise petal dreams.

Pure heaven.

Pamela Palmarini
Rose Heaven!

Moldable, smooth, light-weight, stretchy, soft and enormously satisfying!! The scent is gentle and divine!! Adore the uniqueness of this slime😊

so soft and calming

I didn't really know what to expect with this, since I'm a slime newbie and it sounds like this is a texture that I hadn't seen when I was researching slimes in general. But I was intrigued by the scent option as well as the fact that this looks like a rather unique slime texture, so I went for it.

This is a really easy slime to play with. Mine isn't sticky *at all*, and of all the slimes I've tried is the one that feels the most like a solid, if that makes sense. The smell is really delightful -- better than expected. I know that natural rose scents are expensive, so I assume this is artificial (maybe I'm wrong), but it smells like a natural rose scent. I say that as someone who regularly uses some skincare products that are made with natural rose oil, so I have a good nose for this stuff. Whatever is used to scent this, it is really really nice. And it's a good balanced scent -- not overpowering, but not hard to smell at all.

Of the slimes I've tried, this one is one of the firmer ones. It's not stiff, but is the kind of thing that is really satisfying to both stretch and squish when my hand are craving something that will have some resistance. It would be a good choice for a slime to use when you are angry or stressed and want a way to get out that negative energy and calm down. Honestly, I forgot that the description said it was inflating and sizzly until I came back to do this review. I haven't really found that to be the case -- maybe very slightly inflating but not sizzly at all. Not a problem for me at all, but it just doesn't describe my experience with it. For me, this is the texture I've tried that changes the least when I play with it. For me, it's a super consistent, smooth, soft, and squishy-with-resistance slime.

The only problem I have had with this slime is that, despite careful hand washing, I managed to get a few crumb-like bits in it. (Maybe they were stuck in a ring or something?) Because this slime is so smooth and consistent through and through, even the tiniest speck of something that gets in there will be super noticeable to your hands. I think I've picked out all those bits now, which is a relief. This is a slime you will want to be sure to only ever use when your hands are super clean -- any dirt you add will hurt the experience.


I LOVEEEE this slime it smells soooo good and the texture is amazing

Shanna Frick

Love this slime! By far the best texture I've found. I highly recommend!


Say goodbye to perfume overloaded scents because this rose petal slime smells IDENTICAL to actual rose petals....I could not tell the difference. So fresh with authentic smelling floral notes! Recommend!

Very Sticky

I received this slime as a gift, and I really liked it! I would recommend this to other people except... It has been very sticky ever since I received it. Working it around a lot mostly fixed it though. I believe that the stickiness was only caused by poor conditions.