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Rose Petal memoryDOUGH®

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new memoryDOUGH slime! My exclusive and one of my bestselling texture, this is a brand new memoryDOUGH slime— ultra soft yet dense and keeps its shape but gets super poofy and sizzley when inflated! Scented just like freshly cut roses and has the prettiest light pastel pink color😍


Customer Reviews

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Vanessa Schoch

I wanted so bad to love this slime! The scent was really nice though!
I love how fast my package arrived too!
Unfortunately, the same day this slime arrived, and not having played with it for too long, the slime got hard as a rock and deflated to about half its original size. I tried everything I could to try and soften the slime, and it did work for a little while, but then it would get hard again. This slime is not my particular favorite.

Adrienne Skar

Great slime, super soft and gets sizzly after play! It smells so good. I definitely reccomend! The only complaint I have is that I had to pay a lot for shipping and it took a while to arrive. But other than that, great!

One of the best slimes I’ve bought here

This is a silky smooth amazing smelling memory dough slime . This is amazing so far. I love It!

Venttley Corona
The best the color

Is is so beautiful and so soft and the pops and everything about it is satisfying

Seneca ulto
Scent is mild

I wanted so bad to love this. Rose scent is my favorite and I was actively looking for it. The scent was lovely but I would have liked it stronger. The slime itself did not hold up for me. It flattened and became dense very quickly. I did all “the things” to bring it back to life but it would not return. Maybe good for someone who takes it out for short mild use but that’s not me.

Awesome slime!!

It's so soft and it smells really good!

Sarah Pemberton

It feels great and smells even better