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Avocado Toast DIY

DIY Clay slime inspired by one of our favorite foods- avocado toast!

what’s included:

• 8oz Avocado Slime - super unique clay slime texture with “avocado chunk” foam pieces throughout!

• Clay Toast (approx 4oz)🍞

• A Bag of Avocado Fimo Slices & A bag of Green “seasoning” to top the avocado toast with!🥑

once you mix everything together- the end result is soooo good! it’s so sizzley once inflated and can inflate to 32oz+!! The avocado slime is a scent blend of Avocado, Lime, Toast, & other herbs & seasonings, and the scent is so accurate to Avocado toast! (Please note this is more on the savory side, so please be aware if you aren’t a big fan of savory scented slimes!)

32oz container

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Such Fun!

This slime was really fun to build up and combine! This was my first DIY from Dope Slimes, and I was impressed and will purchase more in the future. The savory scent is lovely, a great slime to play with after the more fruity types to reset the senses! I was too excited to play with it that I forgot to take a picture of any of the slimes I purchased :(

jada brown
just to clerify

alot of people say they don't like the sent I understand but why buy it when it literally sees in the description don't buy if you don't like savory scented slime I get it may not smell like avocado toast but it sees don't buy if you don't like savory scented slime so read before you buy it. sorry if I sound rude but you cant have a excuse it sees don't buy if you don't like that type of sent.

Deborah Klein
Very fun

The toast was smaller then I expected, but not so small that I would lower the rating. I couldn’t really place the scent, but it did not remind me of avocado. My daughter enjoyed building with and then mixing in the different parts. The end texture was nice and fluffy.

a person
Great for diy

This is a great diy slime, and to respond to Sara, the smell was good for me, but it does say in the description not to get if you don't like savory scents. Sry tho!

The Smell Ruined It For Me

I LOVE the concept of this and MAN was it SATISFYING! But the smell ruined it for me. It smells awful, and it put a damper on the experience.

Emily Watson
Best smell!

This is my favorite smell of all the stuff I ordered. The toast that came with mine was dried out but they sent me another one. It was so satisfying to mix!

LOVE it!

The scent has a warm bread-like note with an herbaceous spice. The foam bits feel great in this one, and the overall texture is dreamy. I didn't add the fimo pieces (I'll be using them in other projects), but the green "seasonings" added to the texture. Definitely different, and totally a fave.