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Unicorn Swirl

This new slime is a Dope Slimes fan creation! We received fan mail with an illustration of this slime- so we had to recreate it for our shop! duo colored swirled butter slime, light and dark pink colors topped with our berry blast sprinkle mix! Scented a blend of rose and cotton candy- a delightful sweet yet floral scent.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Amber K.
Unique scent, soft texture

I HIGHLY recommend this slime to anyone who enjoys butter slimes or floral scented slimes! It is so hard to describe this unique scent but I’d go with subtle, sweet, floral. It’s oddly calming and always makes me smile. The texture is super buttery and soft. It’s super smooth and leaves absolutely no mess at all anywhere when playing. This slime would be a perfect first slime for a new slime user, but also a great addition for the most advanced slime collector. Get this slime, you will not regret it!

Pretty nice

The slime was super dense and stretchy. However I did find that the scent was a little weird.

My favorite slime

I’ve got a ton of different slimes from many different places but dope slimes are my favorite! The texture is perfect!

Nathaly Moscoso

The smell and texture were awesome! For future I think you guys should add tiny little unicorns . Would be adorable!

Void Priestess
had a pretty average time

The smell is really meh, the texture is really meh. It hardened out after a bit (yes I closed the container) but putting it in front of my laptop fan kinda helps. Overall I don't have anything bad to say about it but nothing good either.

Katie List
Love, Love, Love

This is one of the best! Love the texture of this slime!!

Great slime

This slime smells amazing and has the perfect consistency! I think that this slime is definitely another purchase that I will make for an Easter gift for a friend or family! Thank you dope slimes!🤍🤍