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Dragonfruit Twist

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swirled white and dragonfruit colored butter slime scented just like dragonfruit! topped with the cutest fimo slices!

such a soft and spreadable butter slime + it inflates a ton




Customer Reviews

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Bree B
LOVE this one!

I LOVE this slime! The smell was unique and yummy smelling! It is so pretty with the white and pink butter slime when you mix them and the dragonfruit fimo slices are the perfect touch! Mine never came with the shown charm (which would have been cool!) but it was still a great slime! Highly recommend!!

Natasha Buhr
This slime is SO pretty & smells SO good!

The Dragon Fruit Twist butter slime was my most favorite slime out of my entire order! This slime is so pretty featuring two different colors swirled together with tiny dragons fruit pieces and a little bit of black glitter/seeds. The smell was also amazing super fruity and intense. Very kid friendly not sticky or messy. Super soft and stretchy! Highly recommend!!

Jana Mechurova
Awesome slime

Delicious smell and consistency, does not get sticky overtime. Will buy some more!

Best texture!!

I got this in the texture sample kit, although the 2.5oz one doesn't come with any fimo slices or charms I could tell by the swirl and scent. I gotta say it's the best butter slime I've felt!!! I would get more butter slime from Dope Slimes.

James Halas
Excellent Product

My kids love all the slime Dope Slimes sell. Very high quality, not like the slime you get at the big box stores that are so slimy they make more of a mess than anything

excellent consistency, could use more fimo slices

This slime has an excellent consistency, smooth and buttery and it doesn’t leave residue or stains on your hands. It’s a little expensive for how much you get (I got the 5 oz), but it’s very well made. I wish it had more fimo slices, and there aren’t any of the bigger slices in mine, but that may be a supply and demand issue. The smell is fruity, like lemon and raspberry, but I’m not sure what dragon fruit is supposed to smell like to be honest. Overall, this slime has an excellent consistency and a lemon, raspberry and not at all overwhelming scent. The price is a bit much for 5 oz, but the quality is still awesome. I’d like for there to be more little fimo slices and some bigger fimo slices, but this slime really is awesome quality and I’d buy from here again. Edit: The slime had hardened significantly and it hurts a little to squish it. It has also deflated significantly. It’s not as fun to play with anymore after five days of having it. I’ve tried putting lotion in it and running water over it and it isn’t working. Hopefully the next slime is better.

Maryam Champsi

It’s a really good slime, I bought it for a friend for christmas and she loved it. Fast shipping as well!