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Blueberry Pancake Batter

Smooth and spreadable butter slime with blue foam beads and glitters added. Smells and looks just like the real thing! Smells amazing!


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Favorite slime from this shop so far!!

Okay this slime is HEAVENLY. Beautiful super spreadable feel, tons of blue foam balls (more then I expected) to simulate blueberries add a very nice additional texture to this slime, plus lots of blue glitter. The smell is just like a bath and body works blueberry scent or even similar to trix yogurt, couldn’t stop smelling it. Overall amazing slime and super satisfied with the 5 ounce size too, I was worried it wouldn’t be enough to really play with!

Ashlie L
Best slime. By far.

Omg. I wish I bought the 8oz. Just got it today and can’t keep my hands off it. Butter slime with the perfect amount of bubbles, it actually feels like pancake batter. The smell reminds me of blueberry pancakes from my child hood, this is 100% my new comfort slime. Thank you!


The slime is really nice creamy and somewhat stretchy. There are a lot of beads and some glitter, smell is very accurate. I actually bought this in store and it was recommended to me by the employees. it feels loose almost? like its not thick at all. Very hard to explain. I really like this slime, just wish it were thicker i guess.

Casie Porter
Love it!

Love this one!

Tawnya McLain
My Favorite

This slime is definitely one of my favorites. The smell is amazing and the foam beads are a good size to dig and pick out of the slime.

Hasti Shahidi
Love this product

This company has the best and affordable slimes.

Lauren Pauls

My favorite of the slimes I got. It smells JUST LIKE blueberry pancakes... like it's uncanny. And the texture is so soft and amazing. I can confirm that it does shrink and stiffen after a while, but it comes back with some unscented lotion. Might not last as long as some other butter slimes out there, but it's still five stars from me.