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the perfect pair to our iconic customer favorite Texas Roadhouse Rolls slime!
ultra light & soft butter slime— super smooth and the texture reminds me so much of the actual thing! the brown glitters throughout make it looks so realistic. Scented just like cinnabutter and the scent is mouthwatering! this is the perfect butter texture for inflation- it can inflate 3x+ its original size!


Customer Reviews

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Amber K.
Best butter slime ever!

Get this slime! Don’t hesitate, just get it! I was a little worried about the scent being too strong or food-like, but it’s not, it’s super subtle and has a soft sweetness. It’s nothing gross at all. But the texture, oh my slime goodness! Like someone else said, “it’s the butter slime of my dreams” and it really is. This is the best butter slime I’ve ever touched. I have no clue what makes this one so special, but it’s super easy to play with, very satisfying. Great for all ages of slime fans! I highly recommend adding this slime to your collection ASAP. I’ll be getting another, and a larger one as soon as it’s back in stock! Definitely get yourself one or two when it’s restocked, you’ve never held a butter slime this soft and buttery before!

pretty okay

very holdable, good for pokes and is very buttery, i like the scent all though i couldn’t really smell it after playing with it for a while

John Gast

Good stuff

Jaimee Driscoll
This is the butter slime of my dreams

I loved the smell and texture of this slime! It's fun to play with and inflates amazingly.

Ainsley Cotherman
Satisfying texture

This is the softest, fluffiest slime I have ever owned! And the smell is so accurate. Sweet but not overpowering. Will definitely get a bigger batch next time

Krystina Stuber
Oh. My. Lord.

Oh. My. Lord. This is so nice. The smell is not what I expected, but it smells exactly like walking up to a Cinnabon at the mall. I’m having trouble not eating it because omg it seriously smells so good!!

So smooth and fluffy!

The most satisfying texture of any slime I’ve tried and the smell is delightful