24K Magic

metallic gold bingsu bead slime‚ÄĒ ultra crunchy and super pretty color! The magic card fimos throughout add the cutest touch and the bubblepops are endlessūü§© scented like caramel!


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Emily Gilbertson
Very sticky

I love the way this feels and smells, but no matter what I always have a sticky flip on my hands.

Allison Snyder
Amazing crunch!

My daughter loves this slime. Between the glitter and the crunch, it’s one of her favorites!

Gayla Strandell
This one is good

It was pretty sticky I had to use activator a few times to fix it. Love the texture the card charms are so cute. Really didn't care for the scent. Was very crunchy. I enjoyed this one.

Mason Humphrey

I know its supposed to be a bingsu, and i love that aspect, but the beads used are a bit sharp for some reason? If it was just the pearlescent carmel and playing cards this slime would be to DIE for but the beads are a little overwhelming. But its a bingsu, so i know thats what goes into it. Maybe gold fishbowl beads next time!

Emmalith Phipps
Good Introduction to Bingsu Slimes

I've never had a Bingsu slime before, but it was an interesting purchase. I was actually brought to this site because of a post about this slime on Instagram - I was star-struck by the design. I loved the color, bead choice, and addition of those adorable little cards. Overall, once I had played with the slime, my only complaints are the stickiness and sharpness of the beads. I know that doing some slime maintenance would cut down on the stickiness, but compared to the other slimes I purchased (I tried each of them once they arrived), this one was considerably stickier. I'm not sure how it could be reduced, but the sharp edges of the beads made this slime a little uncomfortable (texture wise) to play with. Mad props for the scent choice, though, very pleasant and it only gets better the more pops you make with the slime.

a person

Great texture, packed with beads, not too sticky, great concept


I really like the texture of this slime. It was a little sticky when it arrived and need a tad bit of activator to be manageable. But after that it’s been amazing. Endless stretch and lots of bubble pops. The smell reminds me of the holidays and breakfast syrup!