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Strawberry Milk

ultra thick / glossy slime that color changes! when sitting in the container it ombres to a super light pink to a neon pink and makes a such pretty color once mixed. This will always be changing colors when you let it sit, so this one is always fun to mix! Scented just like strawberry milk and the texture is ULTRA thick.


Customer Reviews

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favorite slime

i got 7 slimes form dope slimes and this was my favorite. the scent is just like strawberry milk and is so good. it has such great clicks+bubble pops, and when you leave it over night, it’s ombré to a medium pink to light pink in the morning. i highly recommend this slime!

Tina Howard

ok we need to talk. the slime would not come of my hands i could have played with it moore but over the color BOOTIFALLLLLLLLLL

Britney Branch
Good slime!

This slime feels so good and has great stretchy-ness and bubble pops! It slightly changed colors when it first arrived, but I keep my slime in the fridge to keep bacteria from growing in them and to keep them fresh for longer. When I took it out of the fridge it didn’t look like it was changing colors anymore. I thought that maybe it was because it was too cold so I played with it for about 30 minutes until it warmed through completely and I think the fridge broke the color changing properties because it has stayed the same color of pink since then. No big deal at all, just a warning for those of you who also keep your slime refrigerated. This is still a great company with very high quality products, very reasonable prices, great customer service, and fast shipping. Thank you Dope Slimes!

Leah Radack

I love this slime so much! It does have the color change effect which is SO cool!!! It is also SO VERY CLICKY and glossy and has an amazing scent!! I totally reccomend this slime to anyone who wants a glossy slime. And one more thing.. THE BUBBLE POPS!!! They are so good and quite loud but I LITERALLY AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SLIMEE!!

Langston Moore

This slime was my favorite in the package! It was so thick and VERY glossy! I loved the slime but the only thing I noticed was that it was all pink, it was not blended with a lighter shade of pink like in the picture. But over all I love the slime!

scent is weird

the slime was glossy, thick, and was just *chefs kiss* the only problem was the scent. it literally smelled like bitter medicine. great slime, bad scent

Jamin Ose

So rad my daughters so stoked on their slime and their from Cheyenne which is awesome