Key Lime Pie Boba

this is a new ultra thick and glossy boba themed slime, scented just like key lime pie with boba beads throughout & topped w/ a jumbo lime charmūü§© this one is soooo thick yet stretchy and makes amazing bubble-pops & pokes!


Customer Reviews

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Key lime slime perfection

Smells just like key lime pie! Lime charm and boba fun additions. Lime charm is quite large so it hangs out in the container during play. Texture is great! Highly recommend.

Amazing slime

Amazing slime highly recommend smells exactly like key lime pie and love texture wish there was a little more boba only default is after playing could get all of slime back in container but just let it sit for a bit and it was perfect!

Meredith Hindbaugh
Very good ūüíó

It smells amazing just like key lime pie. If you can get the 5 oz I got 3oz and there was barely any slime in it!

Lucas Maldonado
So Good

Absolutely fantastic slime, smells delicious, texture is prefect and the charm and boba beads are so cute. Not sticky or stiff and it stretches super well without being messy or dripping. Can't recommend enough

Amazing slime

This slime was so thick and it had such a nice clicking sound to it. I especially love the lime charm and the boba pearls, it also smelled really nice and exactly like key lime pie.

Ur Mom

Amazing smell and texture! Though, I wish there were more boba. I definitely recommend!

Amber K.
Mouth Watering Scent, Clicky Texture

This slime smells exactly like key lime pie! It’s delicious! The texture is amazing, nice and thick. It makes great pops and snaps and its an asmr fans dream. The lime charm is kinda huge, so that usually gets left to the side but the boba beads are great though. As a key lime pie addict, this slime is one I had to have for my slime collection and it’s definitely an excellent addition.